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Defining Strategic Management

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    Taonga B.
    Taonga B.

    strategy is a long term decision. many people misuse the term even when they are planning without thorough determination of the decision's impact on the future.

    Manna C.
    Manna C.

    strategic management planning is crucial and has a long term effect on the organization

    Associação Moçambicana de A.
    Associação Moçambicana de A.

    Strategic management has its origins from corporate planning; Strategic planning looks at time horizons of three years; Strategic plan decision must be reviewed constantly be a decision is taken; Strategic planning are the long term planning in an organisation, refers to management processes in an organisations through witch the future impact of change is determined and current decisions to reach desired future are made; Vector spaces formulating strategies in pharmaceutical companies: 1 - Product market scope, 2-Growth Vector. 3 - Competitive advantage, 4- use of the firm research capabilities

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