Module 13: Introduction to the Accommodation Sector

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Accommodation Product - Part 2

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Hospitality Management

The Accommodation Product-Part 2

On successful completion of this module, students will be able to:

Explain the differences in the types of bed.

Explain how room rates are derived.

A hotel has different types of rooms and beds for the guests to choose from. Hotel staff should explain these clearly to guests, as they may not be familiar with the hotel terminology.

There are various kinds of bed which are sized
differently to cater for the needs of hotel guests.

Some of them may only be available in certain
room types.

Types of bed Size
Twin 39” x 75”
Double 54” x 75”
Queen 60” x 80”
King 78” x 80”

Single/Twin Bed

Description: Designed for one person only; single and twin beds sized the same; the term ‘twin beds’ implies they are in pairs and the room type is always described as ‘twin room’.

Code: S / T

Size: 39”x75”

Double Bed

Description: Designed for two people. Standard sizing.

Code: D

Size: 54”x75”

Queen Sized Bed

Description: Designed for two people; wider and longer than double beds for better comfort of guests.

Code: Q

Size: 60”x80”

King Sized Bed

Description: Designed for two people; wider than queen sized bed to provide for better comfort of guests.

Code: K

Size: 78”x80”

Hollywood Bed

Description: Two twin beds placed side by side and sharing the same headboard; it is designed for two people.

Code: T

Size: 78”x75”

Unusual bed types, which would have to be requested prior to making a reservation would be:

Murphy Bed

Description: It serves the same function as sofa bed; the bed folds out of a wall or closet, which makes it more convenient for guests to conduct business meetings in the guest room.

Code: M

Size: 60”x80”/ 78”x80”

Childs Cot

Description: Provided to those guests who bring along with their babies; usually requested in advance by guests in their reservations.

Code: N/A

Size: N/A

Roll Away Bed

Description: Extra bed temporarily added according to guests’ requests; extra charges are usually required.

Code: N/A

Size: 30”x72”/ 34”x75”

A guest who books accommodation receives more than just a room with a bed. It includes the facilities and services provided by the hotel staff.

Since guests cannot examine the hotel product before purchase, front office staff must have a clear understanding of the accommodation product and describe it accurately and clearly to the guest

Hotels usually offer different rates when selling their rooms.

For example: deluxe rooms are always more expensive when compared with superior and standard rooms.

Front desk personnel need to know how the room rates are derived.

The following criteria will influence the room rate charged to the guests:

Type, size, décor and location of room
Meal plan
Season and seasonal events
Guest type
Length of stay and day of the week

The room rate categories have variations in all hotels. Many hotels offer a number of different room rates to attract different guests who will provide repeat business and help ensure full occupancy.

Hotels build guest profiles, often called the guest history record, keep track of preferences of guests and enable the hotels to provide customized guest services.

Loyalty programs let the most valuable guests be recognized on-property and have been at the core of how chain hotel brands attract and retain their best guests.

The loyalty program is a strong factor in persuading hotel owners to become franchisees or give a particular hotel brand the management contract to run their property.

The most important features of a hotel program were room upgrades and airline miles, followed by free hotel stays, and a variety of on-property benefits and services.

However, no amount of miles or points is ever going to replace a warm welcome and being
recognized by the hotel as a loyal guest.

Give an example of how a chain hotel could customize a frequent guest’s hotel experience using the frequent-guest program.

Comparison of Accommodation Products

Choose two different hotels and go to their official websites. Find the following information:
How many room types do the hotels have?
What kinds of room rate are available in the website?
What are included in the room rates?

Choose an online agent and check the rates of the two hotels. Check if there are any differences in the information shown in the hotels official websites and the online reservation agent, such as:
Room rates
Choices of room type
Auxiliary services or products