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Six Major Trends and Implications for Management

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    Verson C.
    Verson C.

    Trends in workforce size and composition and in the pace of technological change and economic globalization will have implications for the future of work. Employees will work in more decentralized, specialized firms; slower labor growth will encourage employers to recruit groups with relatively low labor force participation; greater emphasis will be placed on retraining and lifelong learning; and future productivity growth will support higher wages and may affect the wage distribution. Given this, some policies may need to be reexamined.

    Perseverance H.
    Perseverance H.


    Eric K.
    Eric K.

    i would like the technology form (t-form) to be explained into deeper details. thanks

    Pwashikai M.
    Pwashikai M.


    Jean B.
    Jean B.

    no questions

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