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Motivating Students to Learn

Comments about Module 1: Behavior and Goals as Motivation Sources - Behavior as a Source of Motivation

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- Module: Module 1: Behavior and Goals as Motivation Sources
- Topic: Behavior as a Source of Motivation
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Latest Comments

  • aaa
    Gypsy Gardner United States of America Good content
    2015-05-06 19:05:43

  • aaa
    Martin Mathew United Kingdom very good
    2015-05-02 23:05:14

  • aaa
    Tatiana Velez United States of America Interesting. That is what most of us teachers do in the classroom. I think it is still not enough.
    2015-04-03 21:04:09

  • aaa
    Nerida Vargas United States of America In order to motivate students to learn, you have to engage the students in the subject, and in order to do that you have to capture their interest.
    2015-03-31 01:03:32

    • aaa
      Sam Fall Australia yes!
      2015-04-18 06:04:44
  • aaa
    Agnieszka Usarz United Kingdom In order to meet students' needs watch them carefully.
    2015-03-14 10:03:37

  • aaa
    Shaidat Eyinola United States of America How do we motivate and encourage students?
    2015-03-09 01:03:01

    • aaa
      Elene Lomidze Georgia Every task we give our students must be interesting, based on their previous knowledge and students must believe that the task is important for their knowledge. They should study not only because not to fail.
      2015-03-24 06:03:29
  • aaa
    Shaidat Eyinola United States of America Observe, assess and find out what their interest is
    2015-03-09 01:03:38

  • aaa
    Cristina Verea United Kingdom What motivates them? Observe their behaviour
    2015-03-03 14:03:48

  • aaa
    Cristina Verea United Kingdom Taylor the motivation to learn to each student
    2015-03-03 14:03:31

  • aaa
    Farkhanda Ghazal [[]] it works according to the social, emotional and physical development needs of students in different ages.
    2015-02-12 17:02:56

  • aaa
    Helen Garcia United Kingdom The incentive for every child will be different, and it takes time to work out what the 'driver' is! To a large extent, the teacher needs to know the pupil well first before they can attempt operant conditioning.
    2015-02-05 21:02:44

  • aaa
    Aicha Rahal Tunisia ok
    2015-01-27 14:01:48

  • aaa
    Susan Anderson United States of America Behavioral Motivation continues to work even with my adult and geriatric students.
    2015-01-03 14:01:03

  • aaa
    Usman Shah Pakistan diversity in the class room is the key to learning process . how can a teacher motivate the students as they are in class but physically not mentally?
    2014-12-29 20:12:36

  • aaa
    Faith Brinson United States of America What are different motivators for students who hares school
    2014-08-03 02:08:34

  • aaa
    Khandaker Golam Ahmed Bangladesh How does motivation drives a student to behave in particular ways to allow the meeting of a goal?
    2014-07-06 21:07:53

  • aaa
    Anna Newnham United Kingdom ?
    2014-06-17 10:06:03

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