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Food Safety Training - Safe Practices and Procedures

Comments about Module 2: Sanitary Food Handling - Sanitary Food Handling - Learning Outcomes

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- Module: Module 2: Sanitary Food Handling
- Topic: Sanitary Food Handling - Learning Outcomes
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Latest Comments

  • aaa
    Tracey Forsyth United Kingdom It is paramount in any food outlet that correct food hygiene guidelines are followed.i e hands are washed before handeling any food.fruit and vegetables are washed before eating or serving.meats are fully cooked before serving,and correct storage guidelines are also adhered to.
    2015-05-11 00:05:51

  • aaa
    cherry mwalo Zambia sanitation is our priority
    2015-05-07 10:05:22

  • aaa
    Wanda Braswell United States of America Sanitary Food Handling is top priority
    2015-04-28 19:04:48

  • aaa
    Wendy Boon United Kingdom Sanitation is priority in food safety
    2015-04-11 19:04:38

  • aaa
    sarah Gilcher Australia how long does it take to develop a proper attitude to food handling procedures?
    2015-02-28 01:02:35

    • aaa
      Olayiwola Egbeyemi Nigeria it shouldn't be about timing but a day to day thing
      2015-03-01 09:03:47
  • aaa
    sarah Gilcher Australia Sanitary handling of food must be taught. Being able to adhere to guidelines that are significantly important to food sanitation.
    2015-02-28 01:02:36

  • aaa
    sarah Gilcher Australia is there such a thing as common sense?
    2015-02-28 00:02:13

  • aaa
    sarah Gilcher Australia Sanitation must be followed by strict guidelines when the safety of food is upholding quality. A lot of it comes down to common sense ( if there is such a thing.
    2015-02-28 00:02:46

  • aaa
    Helen Anwuli Nigeria should sanitation be of utmost importance before any thing
    2015-01-18 09:01:45

  • aaa
    Helen Anwuli Nigeria its importance is of great importance
    2015-01-18 09:01:54

  • aaa
    Jessie Zellar United States of America What is the importance of food safety?
    2014-12-23 18:12:20

    • aaa
      cherry mwalo Zambia it educates us of been hygiene and keeping our health lives
      2015-05-07 10:05:38
  • aaa
    Lizaan Jacobs South Africa Should staff where gloves while handeling food items
    2014-08-16 12:08:11

    • aaa
      cherry mwalo Zambia yes
      2015-05-07 10:05:43
  • aaa
    ROSEMARIE FITZGERALD United States of America will not show completion of mod #2 learning outcomes in order toprogress tonext level
    2014-07-29 21:07:15

  • aaa
    Jelson Perez Philippines How the irregular receiving from supplier?
    2014-06-28 09:06:59

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