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Minimum and maximum values of signed integers

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    Goodness Ifenna C.
    Goodness Ifenna C.

    what about the minimum value for unsigned integer

    Ernst H.
    Ernst H.

    Module 1: Programming in C - Numbers, Variables and Arrays. Topic. Basics of signed and unsigned numbers Sorry, but getting it right :-) Why use a 1 for a positive if the norm is positive and switch should be used for the "non" Norm which is negative. Why use the 1 for the norm which is lower case in Topic: The basics of ASCII and the char data type when U use the shift key to denote the "non: norm of Caps? Is there a specific reason? Can the norm be changed? does it differ from language to language or is it written in stone and cannot be altered? This is 1 of the things that will initially mess up my way of logic thinking. :-)...

    Shwetank S.
    Shwetank S.

    00000000 n11111111 ambguish match +0 n -0


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