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Therapeutic Communication

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    Kara W.
    Kara W.

    Be able to dicipher the patient's message. Get to know the patient well enough to understand the meaning behind a message. Non verbal, verbal interactions between yourself and patient, be alert and attentive enough to receive the message. Avoid making rush judgements about behaviour. Remember that the individual is responsible for his own thoughts and actions. Allow him to be himself Put others first before yourself Allow time for yourself, take care of your own well being, emotional, health, etc etc. ( care for the caregiver)

    Caroline B.
    Caroline B.

    It is important to to be a good listener, maintain privacy and respect at all times. explain to the patient in a clear and understanding way that he/she will understand what has being told, allow them to to ask questions. ensure the nurse provides answers and feed back in a professional way and give reassurance when needed

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