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Introduction and Learning Outcomes

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    Kara W.
    Kara W.

    Communication has been taken place if the message was received and actively accepted by the receiver. That is- Non verbal communication-sender, the originator of the idea. The message- the idea transported and received. the channel the means of transmitting, either verbally or non verbally, of the idea. The receiver- someone to receive and interpret the message. The feedback or response of the receiver. Body language, facial expressions,.

    Caroline B.
    Caroline B.

    maintaining good communication skills is most important. it provides the nurse with good critical thinking skills, professional conduct and standards of care

    Iziengbe Odion O.
    Iziengbe Odion O.

    Communication between the nurse and the patient is very important, if properly carried out, its a giant step in the recovery or wellbeing of the patient.

    Melani Tihvadga B.
    Melani Tihvadga B.

    what is the purpose of communication with the patient?

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