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Airbus A380 Take-off Time

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    Ben C.
    Ben C.

    Any aircraft will takeoff at different speeds, consider the a380 with different amounts of passengers, cargo etc. unless you are trying to get an average takeoff time this is too simplistic. Usually an aircraft's speed is measured in knots, roughly between 140 knots and 160 knots for an a380 depending on weight. There are so many parameters to this that it is unreasonable to try to calculate the time, wind speed and direction play a part (aircrafts tend to takeoff into the wind), the effect temperature might have on the engine would also need to be considered. Pilots may also derate the engines on takeoff to prevent noise, engine damage and maintenance costs. I see what you're getting at here, but takeoff time is not a given, and with the everything that can contribute to takeoff time this is too simple. The truth is nobody knows, the computers on board can't even give you a time, the only thing a pilot knows is the speed at which they can takeoff.

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