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Diploma in Educational Psychology

Comments about Module 16: Moral Development - Carol Gilligan’s Theory Character Education

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- Module: Module 16: Moral Development
- Topic: Carol Gilligan’s Theory Character Education
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  • aaa
    Olabayiwa Abiodun Nigeria Carol Gilligan's theories of Life stages and Human Development is a criticism of Kohlberg's work. Carol's opinions were presented in her famous book, 'In A Different Voice: Psychological Theory and Women's Development' which was published in 1982. She felt that Kohlberg only studied privileged, white men and boys. Gilligan said that this caused a biased opinion against women. She felt that in Kohlberg's stage theory of moral development, the male viewing of individual rights and rules was considered a higher stage than women's point of view of development in terms of its caring effect on human relationships. Gilligan's goal was to prove that women are not moral midgets. Undoubtedly, a comparative analysis of Kohlberg and Gilligan's theories provides a good insight into the various stages of moral development. Gilligan's criticism and views as it affects the womenfolk is an essential scholarly alternative to Kohlberg's seemingly chauvinistic psychology.
    2015-04-17 18:04:27

  • aaa
    Anna Kornilaki Greece you have missed a card between this one and the previous! :)
    2015-02-11 09:02:45

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