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Diploma in Educational Psychology

Comments about Module 14: Cognitive Development - The Sensorimotor Stage

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- Module: Module 14: Cognitive Development
- Topic: The Sensorimotor Stage
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Latest Comments

  • aaa
    Mike Lees United Kingdom At what age do infants learn permanence. ie. a person ceases to exist when not in sight of child ?
    2015-05-03 15:05:57

  • aaa
    Maria de Barron Panama This is the stage where infants adapt to and acquire direct knowledge of the world around them.
    2015-02-13 19:02:39

  • aaa
    Raquel Gruner Brazil In my opinion infants do not "Think", they test everything they do.
    2014-12-02 19:12:53

  • aaa
    Stephen Hodgkins Canada If the motivation occurs after the infant is over 6 months, then how does a younger infant recognize the need to learn where things are?
    2014-08-05 17:08:00

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