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Five Forces Model

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    Chioma A.
    Chioma A.

    the use of information systems can help the organization to success in a competitive advantage 1.Customers Buyer power can be reduced by using information system in ways that tend to restrict buyers choices. 2. Supplier power it is on high when a business must rely on just a few suppliers eg. if there is just one store in a town which stocks office supplier, business have nowhere else to buy supplies they need and may be forced to higher than normal prices. 3. New entrants . the threat of new entrants can be reduced when information of systems is used to entry barriers. 4. Competition . the intensity of lntra- industry competition can often be increased by information systems enabled innovations. 5. Substitute products. the threat of substitute products can usually be reduced by using is to blind customers more closely to a business and create what is called switching costs. this means that the system offered by a business are so appreciated by the customer that customers are reluctant to switch to a substitute product 6. Introduction system risk is the business risk associated with the use, ownership, operation, involvement, influence and adoption of information/ technology solution within an organization.

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