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Characteristics of the Successful Entrepreneur

Comments about Module 1: Characteristics of the Successful Entrepreneur - What is an Entrepreneur?

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- Module: Module 1: Characteristics of the Successful Entrepreneur
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  • aaa
    Helen Griffiths [[ZZ]] An entrepreneur is essentially someone who establishes their own business or organisation. In order to do this successfully they need to be innovative and have a passion for what they do. They are able to use their initiative to solve problems and can adapt quickly to change.
    2015-05-22 19:05:22

  • aaa
    Tshepo Manana South Africa An entrepreneur is one that sees opportunities in problems and therefore can capitalize from solving other people's problems including their own.
    2015-05-19 14:05:55

  • aaa
    Siria Cuello Dominican Republic Es lo mismo empresario que emprendedor?
    2015-05-09 00:05:33

  • aaa
    Siria Cuello Dominican Republic un empresario es una persona que tiene un negocio en marcha,es quien administra,planifica,organiza y dirige las empresas.
    2015-05-09 00:05:30

  • aaa
    Richard Prado United States of America The characteristics of an entrepreneur is an individual who visualizes the win, even before it is set I front of him. an entrepreneur is someone who has the inner fuel for his motivation to succeed in the accomplishment of the vision he has set in his mind as well as in his heart the strive for success consumes him and lights a fire in his soul to carry out and accomplish his goals
    2015-05-06 09:05:46

  • aaa
    Jorge Barry Jnr Russian Federation what makes one a successful entrepreneur ?
    2015-04-15 19:04:19

  • aaa
    Jorge Barry Jnr Russian Federation An entrepreneur is a person who sees an opportunity which others do not fully recognize , to meet an unsatisfied demand or to radically improve the performance of an existing company. This person has an unquenchable self-belief that this opportunity can be made real through hard work, perseverance, commitment and the adaptability to learn the lessons of the the market along the way.
    2015-04-15 19:04:04

    • aaa
      Richard Prado United States of America I agree with the way you described an entrepreneur commitment and perserverance definetly go along with the hard work that comes with carrying out a vision, a business, especially because of the hard days and lack of motivation but when you keep the process in motion and stick to it eventually your goal will be accomplished your vision will be a reality
      2015-05-06 09:05:33
  • aaa
    Ravi Sinanan Trinidad and Tobago I believe an entrepreneur is a person who has an "idea". He / She wants their idea to help others improve their every day lives but at the same time help themselves by making money off of their "idea". An entrepreneur is also a person that may not want to be the "employee" but the "employer".
    2015-04-14 01:04:27

  • aaa
    Jesse Sunday Nwasiwe Nigeria An entrepreneur is some one that sees people, place and things the way they ought to be, they are problem solvers by providing products and services in a society.
    2015-04-09 12:04:04

  • aaa
    Dharono Trisawego Indonesia good
    2015-04-05 16:04:02

  • aaa
    Oussama Hadj Mokhtar Netherlands Someone who exercises initiative by organizing a venture to take benefit of an opportunity and, as the decision maker, decides what, how, and how much of a good or service will be produced.
    2015-04-03 01:04:13

  • aaa
    Shenee Alise United States of America An entrepreneur is an individual who takes a passion or an idea and turns a profit.
    2015-04-01 21:04:07

  • aaa
    Tayo Fatunbi Nigeria An entrepreneur is someone that invests in himself,he is also an absolute risk taker.
    2015-04-01 19:04:33

  • aaa
    Ariana Stearns United Kingdom I always thought of an entrepreneur as someone who has an opportunistic mindset - someone who executes plans and ventures of their own design instead of waiting for someone else to follow.
    2015-03-27 01:03:41

  • aaa
    Beatriz Dias Divino Brazil An enterpreneur is a person who engages in new projects and innovations, who makes plans, and executes them. You dont need to have your own business to be an enterpreneur, as you pretty much can engage in doing new things for the company you work as an employee.
    2015-03-25 21:03:37

  • aaa
    Ilyas KARA OMAR Algeria An entrepreneur is a person who has his own job or business.
    2015-03-23 22:03:09

  • aaa
    Mpeza Chizawu Zambia An entrepreneur is a person who starts up his or her own business. I can conquer that entrepreneurship is indeed a means to an end.
    2015-03-23 08:03:22

  • aaa
    Aye Aye Kyi Myanmar An entrepreneur is a person who does own business.
    2015-03-20 12:03:22

  • aaa
    Richard sylver Jamaica An entrepreneur is someone who creates/starts and/or manages a business.
    2015-03-19 14:03:00

  • aaa
    Samson Ikpi United Kingdom An entrepreneur is some one that could go to the extreme to achieve his or her goals
    2015-03-19 12:03:37

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