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Participating in sport: socio-cultural factors - geographical location

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    Phomolo P.
    Phomolo P.

    Environment / climate / access to facilities - Where you live will affect the sports you get involved in. The landscape in the lake district for example is perfect for hiking. You need to live near the sea to take part in surfing. participation in some activities also depends upon the environment and climate,it is very hard to become a top skier if you live in a hot country and, if you want to practice mountaineering and you live in Holland, you have got to travel.

    Rk S.
    Rk S.

    Participating in sport: socio-cultural factors - geographical location:-Travel times and access are major factors when giving an activity a go for the first time. Opportunities for country/rural people when compared to city/metropolitan people will often be very different due to the availability of facilities. It is no surprise that the gold coast in Queensland produces most of the top iron men and women competitors due to the close proximity of a large population to the surf beaches. Students from Falls Creek and Mansfield primary schools are typically well represented and perform well in the inter school skiing championships.

    Muhammad S.
    Muhammad S.

    Explain about geographical location in participating of sports?

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