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Ergogenic aids - blood doping and EPO

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    Zachary B.
    Zachary B.

    What is blood doping and EPOWh

    Rk S.
    Rk S.

    Blood doping and EPO:- Blood doping is the intravenous administration of red blood cells. The blood can be either from oneself or from another (if the blood types match). This increase in blood volume increases the haemoglobin thereby increasing the oxygen going to the working muscles. Obvious dangers and possible side effects of this practice are a thickening of the blood, infection from the needle, including hepatitis, AIDS, viral and bacterial infections. Erythropoietin (EPO) is produced naturally by the kidneys but is also produced synthetically. Its role is to stimulate red blood cell production. The advantage of either of these methods is the enhanced delivery of oxygen to the working muscles. The result is an increase in VO2 max (up to 25 %). It essentially mimics the results of high altitude training without having to train at often expensive and impractical facilities. The disadvantage is that the blood ends up being thicker and therefore harder for the heart to pump around the body. This places great stress on the heart and a number of people have died from a heart attack as a result of dehydration and a further thickening of the blood. Either of these methods favours the endurance athlete and it is pretty much undetectable. In the 1998 Winter Olympics, the IOC trialed a test that looked at haemoglobin count, however, there was no ban associated with a positive result (a result of 18.5 for males and 16 for females was considered positive).

    Muhammad S.
    Muhammad S.

    What is blood doping and EPO,Explain it?

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