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Ergogenic aids - illegal: caffeine

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    Zachary B.
    Zachary B.

    What are some illegal caffeine substances?

    Rk S.
    Rk S.

    Ergogenic aids - illegal: caffeine Caffeine Click here to view video about the effects of caffeine. Caffeine: (restricted to 12 mg usage) The athlete benefits from an increase in free fatty acids. This increases endurance capacity by saving glycogen stores, as it enables more fats to be used as fuel thereby reducing and postponing muscle fatigue. There is also increase in muscle/cell membrane permeability to Ca2+ ions, increasing muscle contractility. Reaction time and strength are improved. It has been suggested that performance time in a marathon (normal time two and a half hours) may be decreased by as much as 10 minutes with the ingestion of caffeine before and during the event. (Costill 1978)

    Muhammad S.
    Muhammad S.

    What is the functions of caffeine?

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