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Energy systems 2 and 3

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    Zachary B.
    Zachary B.

    What are energy systems 2 and 3?

    Rk S.
    Rk S.

    Energy systems 2 and 3 Energy systems 2 (Lactic acid) and 3 (aerobic) use the same fuel source - glucose. Glucose is stored in our bodies as glycogen. Glucose or carbohydrates we eat get converted by the body into glycogen for storage; some is stored in the muscle, the rest in the liver. When the body requires it, the glycogen gets reconverted to glucose for use and is transported in the bloodstream to the working muscle. These two systems break down glycogen in order to produce energy for the ATP-ADP-ATP cycle. The pyruvic acid can be broken down either with or without oxygen.

    Muhammad S.
    Muhammad S.

    How can energy system manage the fitness of a player.

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