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Energy system 1: ATP - PC system

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    Christian Gordon R.
    Christian Gordon R.

    ATP-PC system is only for short period maximum energy supply. 10 second for energy supply, 30 second to become ready for 70%, 3 minute to fully recover. Suitable for high intensity training.

    Zachary B.
    Zachary B.

    What is the ATP-PC system?What

    Rk S.
    Rk S.

    Energy system 1: ATP - PC system:- The ATP-PC system can provide enormous amounts of energy, but only for short bursts of activity. The ATP-PC system can provide enormous amounts of energy, but only for short bursts of activity. PC commonly known as creatine phosphate (CP) or phosphocreatine or alactic system] CP is made up of a complex creatine molecule with one bond to a phosphate molecule. Creatine phosphate molecules are stored in the muscle and can break down to give energy. The energy produced is used to convert ADP back to ATP. Because PC is stored in the muscle and breaks down easily, the ATP-PC system can provide enormous amounts of energy very quickly. Its drawback is that there is only about 10 seconds' worth of energy available before it runs out. The reason it is called ATP-PC system is because both ATP and PC are stored in the muscle. The first muscular contraction occurs with energy released from ATP to ADP. This is quickly followed by the breakdown of the PC molecule that comes into play and supplies the energy for the next 10 seconds or so for ADP to reconvert, thus allowing ATP to be broken down again. Summary provides energy for short, high intensity, explosive events lasting from 0-10 seconds takes approximately 3 minutes for this system to fully recover before it can be used again; 70% recovery occurs after approximately 30 seconds this system supplies energy for sprints, jumps, throws, and kicks - any activity that is short in duration and requires maximal or near maximal effort

    Muhammad S.
    Muhammad S.

    How can ATP system increase the intensity of a player and recovered its fatigue.

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