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Scratch - Teach Computer Programming in Schools

Comments about Module 1: Introduction to Scratch - Programming Concepts and Skills Supported in Scratch

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- Module: Module 1: Introduction to Scratch
- Topic: Programming Concepts and Skills Supported in Scratch
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Latest Comments

  • aaa
    Layne Ingraham United States of America Scratch is a great introduction to programming for all ages. It's fun,
    2015-05-27 23:05:37

  • aaa
    Abena Baiden United Kingdom Ok.
    2015-05-20 04:05:26

  • aaa
    Donnella Rimmer United Kingdom good start
    2015-04-20 22:04:37

  • aaa
    Omar Gomaa Canada 111111
    2015-04-17 00:04:52

  • aaa
    Sara Lopez De Mena El Salvador I understand scratch has been developed to motivate any person at any age to start programming. By programming using scratch we can develop different skills like: problem-solving, logical thinkers, we get to understand better how the digital technology around us works, and most importantly, we may become 'Technology Fluent.'
    2015-01-14 18:01:02

  • aaa
    Khaled Fathy Egypt when the course please
    2014-09-22 20:09:57

    • aaa
      Omar Gomaa Canada oya
      2015-04-17 00:04:31
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