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Fundamentals of Biology

Comments about Biology - Reproduction in bacteria

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- Module: Biology
- Topic: Reproduction in bacteria
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Latest Comments

  • aaa
    Carol Cooper Canada Why is this process called binary fission?
    2014-12-21 02:12:44

  • aaa
    Carol Cooper Canada bacteria normally reproduce asexually this process is called binary fission.during binary fission the bacteria divide itself into half. bacteria can reproduce rapidly and creating many offspring
    2014-12-21 02:12:45

  • aaa
    Muzafar Iqbal Pakistan What are cyst?
    2014-09-30 10:09:48

  • aaa
    ERIC RETTERER United States of America How do you stop bacteria from binary fission?
    2014-06-13 23:06:09

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