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Fundamentals of Biology

Comments about Biology - How large are cells?

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- Module: Biology
- Topic: How large are cells?
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  • aaa
    Nelson Castillo Velez United Kingdom The smallest objects that the unaided human eye can see are about 0.1 mm long. Some cells can be see with the naked eye like a bird's egg
    2015-05-23 22:05:55

  • aaa
    Paul Nsona Malawi Why plant cells tend to be larger than animal cells?
    2015-01-16 08:01:50

  • aaa
    Muzafar Iqbal Pakistan cells are large due to????
    2014-09-29 20:09:50

  • aaa
    ERIC RETTERER United States of America What does µm mean?
    2014-06-13 20:06:30

    • aaa
      Irina Beatrice Manolescu Norway On the previous slide there was a typo: should have been micrometer (µm) instead of (mm) which is milimeter
      2015-01-27 12:01:06
    • aaa
      Ashlynne Wilson United Kingdom one micrometer
      2014-07-01 23:07:16
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