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Fundamentals of Biology

Comments about Biology - The characteristics of living things

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- Module: Biology
- Topic: The characteristics of living things
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Latest Comments

  • aaa
    Martha Mendez Ecuador Is a teddy bear a living thing?
    2015-05-21 00:05:23

  • aaa
    Martha Mendez Ecuador As the picture shows, not all of them are living things. The teddy bear for example is an inanimated object. Some of the characteristics of living things is that they follow a life cycle: born, grow, reproduce and die.
    2015-05-21 00:05:35

  • aaa
    Marvella Gloster United States of America What are the characteristics of living things?
    2015-05-05 12:05:16

    • aaa
      Winston Nartey Ghana Living things have the ability to perform the life processes. Feeding, Reproduction, Irritability, Growth, Excretion, Respiration and Movement
      2015-05-23 10:05:52
  • aaa
    Marvella Gloster United States of America Biology is science
    2015-05-05 12:05:08

  • aaa
    Nancy Winall United States of America I am excited to learn about Biology.
    2015-05-04 16:05:13

  • aaa
    Netilia Williams Netherlands Antilles I want to learn about Biology.
    2015-04-29 21:04:56

  • aaa
    Augusta O Ugbo Canada what are the characteristic of living thing?
    2015-03-12 18:03:23

  • aaa
    Augusta O Ugbo Canada Biology is a great subject, I can' to start to know more about it
    2015-03-12 18:03:06

  • aaa
    Grace Johnson United Kingdom Excited to learn about biology
    2015-02-12 18:02:56

  • aaa
    Camile Vernal United States of America Biology is a very interesting topic, and it can be fun. Looking forward to learning all the basics.
    2015-02-11 17:02:26

  • aaa
    Wilson Andika Kenya I take microbiology and biotechnology at the University of Nairobi... Looking foward to learn a lot about microbes and their characteristics
    2015-01-28 21:01:30

  • aaa
    Joseph Locke United States of America im really looking forward, to learning a lot from this class
    2015-01-22 16:01:28

  • aaa
    obakpolo omosede Nigeria I like it.too short. I can simply define biology with MR NIGER D.
    2015-01-15 12:01:19

  • aaa
    asiyyah banks United States of America i liked it,though i assume that it would be longer.
    2015-01-13 18:01:57

  • aaa
    Abu Bakar Tariq Pakistan Yes there are the features of living things like movment,grow,reproduction etc
    2014-12-23 15:12:55

  • aaa
    Muzafar Iqbal Pakistan Justify growth is a characteristics of living things?
    2014-09-29 12:09:10

  • aaa
    raza bugti Pakistan what will be the reason that when Micro organism enter a living body ,there reproduction system begins rather then not.
    2014-09-21 08:09:43

    • aaa
      Muzafar Iqbal Pakistan These microbes are host specific.
      2014-09-29 12:09:12
  • aaa
    omar M.hammady Egypt how are living things use these characteristics?
    2014-08-09 22:08:56

  • aaa
    Mary Mittmann United States of America How many characteristics of living things are there?
    2014-08-05 23:08:39

    • aaa
      Brandon Loobie Trinidad and Tobago To my knowledge, there are seven (7) characteristics of living things ie. GRIMNER Growth Respiration Irritability Movement Nutrition Excretion Reproduction
      2014-08-18 17:08:25
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