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Memory: narrative chaining

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    Mike L.
    Mike L.

    A tree blew down onto my car so I rode my bike down the road to buy a garden hose to water my flowerbed, in my harden I saw a bird sat on my gate.

    R.d.t prrlltll P.
    R.d.t prrlltll P.

    Narrative chaining - another useful way to remember information such as a list of words. A story is created around the words to be remembered, linking the words in a specific order. For example, if you needed to remember the following list: cat, baby, chair, book, fire, clock, cupboard, bed you might create a story like this. There was a cat and a baby sitting on a chair reading a book in front of the fire. The clock on the cupboard said time for bed. Now try to construct a story out of the list of words below: tree, car, gate, bike, hose, bird, road, flower

    Angela A.
    Angela A.

    once upon a time i parked my car on the road outside of the gate under a tree for shade. as i locked my bike up on the pole a big bird pooped on my car so i had to turn the water on the hose to clean it. as i turned the water off i looked up and saw a butterfly on a pretty flower.

    Shali S.
    Shali S.

    We used to "play" such game.

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