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Muller-Lyer illusion

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    Mike L.
    Mike L.

    Interesting theory.

    R.d.t prrlltll P.
    R.d.t prrlltll P.

    Muller-Lyer illusion strips and leveled off apparatus two lines contingency off white and black illusory

    Angela A.
    Angela A.

    what is the main purpose of the fishtale line and the arrowheads other than size matching?


    The muller lyer illusion consist of two line, one line with arrow head at each end, and the other line with fishtail at each end. Although both line are equal, but we percieve the line with fish tail as being longer. He believe that we liken the line with the fish tail as being the inner corner of a room, and the other line as the edge of a bilding outer wall. At this circumstances, we evaluate the line with the fish tail as being longer, based on our liken and recognition. the illusion was explain in terms of depth cues and size constancy.

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