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Diploma in Project Management

Comments about The design phase - The Design Phase: prepare implementation proposal

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- Module: The design phase
- Topic: The Design Phase: prepare implementation proposal
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Latest Comments

  • aaa
    Abolade Oluseye Odewole United Kingdom Design phase is the phase where all the parameter needed to change a system is being itemised
    2015-05-25 23:05:15

  • aaa
    Abosi Bill [[]] Detailed report, presenting a comprehensive set of constraints and specific hardware and software . Timeless for the introduction of the change to be provided.
    2015-05-21 00:05:48

  • aaa
    Seye Abiodun United Kingdom Detail report on the system with specific info is submitted by the team.
    2015-05-20 01:05:23

  • aaa
    NKOTANYI Francis Rwanda So crucial.
    2015-05-17 11:05:53

  • aaa
    Barnabas Halimani Zimbabwe it sets the design in context, presenting a comprehensive set of constraints i.e. performance, life in service, materials needed e
    2015-05-12 11:05:40

  • aaa
    John Day United Kingdom This is the phase in which the deliverables are physically built and presented to the customer for acceptance.While each deliverable is being constructed, a suite of management processes are undertaken to monitor and control the deliverables being output by the project.These processes include managing time, cost, quality, change, risks, issues, suppliers, customers and communication.
    2015-05-11 16:05:22

  • aaa
    ZAFRUL HASSAN MUJIB India Perform post-implementation analysis, evaluation, and lessons learned
    2015-05-07 15:05:06

  • aaa
    Hilary Madzvimbo Zimbabwe The project manager needs to know what comes first in the implementation stage.
    2015-05-07 15:05:51

  • aaa
    jooj hywrd Iraq How to prepare implementation proposal perfectly?
    2015-05-06 02:05:03

  • aaa
    Faith Thompson Nigeria The implementation proposal states the general timelines as well as hard/software requirements
    2015-05-05 15:05:31

  • aaa
    Bisheswar Boro India The plan is developed during the Design Phase and is updated during the Development Phase; the data conversion before loading data into the system, Preparing site facilities for implementation.
    2015-04-30 07:04:26

  • aaa
    Ernest Phiri Zambia Need to put in place a good implementation plan, where stakeholders are informed of the project, the goal of the project, the activities and who will be involved, resources available; ie. human resources, finances. The expected output, outcomes, the time frame for the project. This can be done during meetings and announcements.
    2015-04-27 15:04:52

  • aaa
    sunday mbiam Nigeria There should be a good platform to integrate the hardware and software requirements
    2015-04-22 13:04:42

  • aaa
    Uba Oguchi Christian Nigeria prepare implementation proposal at this point. the management will be ready to approve the project for implementation. The deliverable of the design phase is a detailed report identifying the preferred system and its specific hardware and software requirements. In addition, general timelines for the introduction of the changes are provided.
    2015-04-09 15:04:07

  • aaa
    Jahidul Islam Bangladesh what is Social Projects ?
    2015-04-07 22:04:21

  • aaa
    Jahidul Islam Bangladesh Tips for Implementing Successful Projects (Adapted from PHILIP et al. 2008) Field management staff must make time to establish an atmosphere of candour and trust with partners during implementation so that concerns may be raised (and often resolved) informally. Realistic long-term planning of finances is key to the implementation of an action plan (see also financing and sources of funding). A communication strategy can be used to raise awareness of the positive benefits for the community, as well as explaining that there are necessary trade-offs, such as the introduction of water pricing, which will not please everybody. This will help to further strengthen local ownership of the plan and encourage public participation in the implementation of projects. At the end of a planning and implementation cycle, a press release is useful to highlight successful stories and announce the publication of a final document such as a water report (see also media campaigns). Expectations among stakeholders and the general public are likely to be high following the participatory approach to the development of the preceding stages of the planning process. It is therefore important that actions are visible and demonstrate tangible results early to build confidence in the process. As mentioned before, social projects are also very common in the water and sanitation field, as they usually target the human factor that is crucial for achieving sustainability of the SSWM measures. These projects are usually related to the change of behaviours and strengthening of capacities by awareness raising campaigns, training activities, institutional set-ups, etc. As these projects cover a wide range of activities that are case-specific, how the implementation will take place will vary from case to case. However, the implementation of a project will always be successful if management strategies and coordination guidelines are clearly defined. Independent of the type of project to be carried out, a work plan is needed indicating the pursued objectives, the expected results, the activities to be developed, as well as the budget available and timeframe given. Each of the activities has to be assigned to a particular individual, department or organisation that should have proven experience and the capacity to achieve the goals. Local community workers, who can speak the local languages, are the first to integrate in the project, as these types of actions require that the implementers know the culture of the community to gain their trust and achieve a real impact. It is of primordial importance that the financial resources are readily available at the beginning of the action, so the members of the team have the budget to initiate the activities and cover their own expenses. The management team should look for strategic partnerships with local leaders and spokespersons, giving institutional backup to the actions. Directors and CEOs of the leading organisation should participate in the opening ceremonies or kick-off meeting supporting the local workers, thus facilitating future activities that will be done in the field. An activity and financial reporting procedure has to be prepared and communicated to the members of the team. It should be clear from the beginning of the action, how all the costs incurred will be reported and reimbursed. It is important to keep procedures as simple as possible, using simple tables and template for reporting costs, field visits, interviews, workshops, meeting minutes, etc. A controlling strategy has to be developed, in order to monitor the work done on the field. A clearly defined decision making process will set the roles and responsibilities of the members of the team: field worker ->task leaders -> work package leader -> project manager -> coordinator of the project -> steering committee. This ladder will allow for immediate correction of actions and efficient use of (human) resources. Communication channels should be kept open between the field workers and the management team, making use of mobile phones, SMS, E-mails, etc. It is important to avoid overloading the team with bureaucratic procedures that nobody will follow (like newsletters, long reports, weekly E-mails, etc). Instead, monthly meetings should be planned, bringing the field workers together to report, exchange experiences and learn from each other’s successful and failing stories.
    2015-04-07 22:04:54

  • aaa
    Maria Rosario Acuña-Hilton United States of America This process it is afterword, the deliverable time for the design phase change, but everything has to be in a report and explained the process for the software requirements.
    2015-04-07 18:04:47

  • aaa
    Bandar Alalwi United States of America when we have to prepare ?
    2015-04-06 16:04:19

  • aaa
    Bandar Alalwi United States of America it goo to ster implementation proposal prepare .
    2015-04-06 16:04:47

  • aaa
    Bander Alalwi United States of America How timelines for the introduction of the changes are provided?
    2015-04-04 21:04:40

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