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Diploma in Project Management

Comments about The planning phase - The planning phase - feasibility studies

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- Module: The planning phase
- Topic: The planning phase - feasibility studies
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Latest Comments

  • aaa
    Seye Abiodun United Kingdom This is a summary of the feasibility questions 1-6 discussed earlier.
    2015-05-19 22:05:03

  • aaa
    NKOTANYI Francis Rwanda This summarizes all the questions asked before.
    2015-05-17 09:05:52

  • aaa
    Abosi Bill [[]] Feasibility in broad terms is to see if creating the system will be worthwhile and it vary from company to company and system to system.
    2015-05-17 00:05:44

  • aaa
    Samuel Sepit Uganda All the feasibilty study questions must be answered for any project.
    2015-05-15 13:05:53

  • aaa
    Annabelle Bongat Saudi Arabia Yes it very appropriate to conduct feasibility studies to be able determine if the proposed sytem will endure last and the company get more benifits from ot or not
    2015-05-13 16:05:44

  • aaa
    John Day United Kingdom 1.Choosing a destination 2.Evaluating alternative routes, and 3.Deciding the specific course of your plan.
    2015-05-11 15:05:52

  • aaa
    ZAFRUL HASSAN MUJIB India before approveing project managment plan during planning stage we have to veryfy following 1.the can the system be created? 2.does the company have the ability to create the system? 3.if the system was developed, does the company have the ability to keep it operating at an acceptable level? 4.can the system development costs and ongoing costs be justified on the improvements it will deliver? there a better way of solving the problem? 6.should the system development go ahead
    2015-05-07 12:05:19

  • aaa
    jooj hywrd Iraq A A problem identification and a number of solutions should be undertaken the investigation of the implications costs and benefits of the system
    2015-05-05 22:05:27

  • aaa
    Hilary Madzvimbo Zimbabwe The evaluation and analysis is the feasibility study
    2015-05-05 15:05:45

  • aaa
    Barnabas Halimani Zimbabwe The feasibility study is an evaluation and analysis of the potential of a proposed project. It is based on extensive investigation and research to support the process of decision making.
    2015-05-05 12:05:55

  • aaa
    Bisheswar Boro India The feasibility study has been undertaken and solutions proffered, cost and benefit analysis conducted, can the development process be aborted if cost of production outweighs the benefit.
    2015-04-30 07:04:08

  • aaa
    sunday mbiam Nigeria The planning phase in conducting the feasibility studies is worthwhile. Since every organization have difference budges, the feasibility let the company go to the different studies to choose the right option for their project
    2015-04-21 12:04:31

  • aaa
    Adam Muhammad Usman Nigeria If a feasibility study has been undertaken and solutions proffered, cost and benefit analysis conducted. can the development process be aborted if cost of production outweighs the benefit?
    2015-04-17 12:04:45

  • aaa
    Uba Oguchi Christian Nigeria Once the problem identification process has been completed and an idea of a solution (or a number of possible solutions) have been established, but before any large project is approved, a thorough investigation of the implications, costs and benefits of the system should be undertaken. This investigation is referred to as the Feasibility Study. The main reason for conducting a feasibility study, in broad terms, is to see if creating the system will be worthwhile.
    2015-04-08 14:04:24

  • aaa
    Jahidul Islam Bangladesh What is Systems Development Life Cycle Model ?
    2015-04-07 22:04:35

  • aaa
    Jahidul Islam Bangladesh Feasibility Study : In case the system proposal is acceptable to the management, the next phase is to examine the feasibility of the system. The feasibility study is basically the test of the proposed system in the light of its workability, meeting user’s requirements, effective use of resources and of course, the cost effectiveness. These are categorized as technical, operational, economic, schedule and social feasibility. The main goal of feasibility study is not to solve the problem but to achieve the scope. In the process of feasibility study, the cost and benefits are estimated with greater accuracy to find the Return on Investment (ROI). This also defines the resources needed to complete the detailed investigation. The result is a feasibility report submitted to the management. This may be accepted or accepted with modifications or rejected. In short, following decision are taken in different feasibility study: Economic feasibility, Operational feasibility, Organizational feasibility, Technical feasibility, Social feasibility.
    2015-04-07 22:04:33

  • aaa
    Ve Yardon United States of America This comes down to will there be a justifiable returns .
    2015-04-07 01:04:48

  • aaa
    Brian Kuhuni Nigeria Feasibility is critical as it as it also justifies the project/system
    2015-04-06 16:04:22

  • aaa
    Bandar Alalwi United States of America what are the Q we have to answer ?
    2015-04-06 01:04:24

  • aaa
    Bandar Alalwi United States of America we have to anser all Q about feasibility .
    2015-04-06 01:04:49

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