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Diploma in Project Management

Comments about System development life cycle - The analysis phase

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- Module: System development life cycle
- Topic: The analysis phase
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Latest Comments

  • aaa
    Ingabire Jeanne Pauline Rwanda IMPORTANT PHASE
    2015-05-21 06:05:04

  • aaa
    Audrey Crenshaw-Walker United States of America This phase may be the most important. It allows you to see if you should continue with the project or to stop
    2015-05-19 21:05:56

  • aaa
    Seye Abiodun United Kingdom Are there similarities in planning and analysis phase? Can we do both together when conducting a project?
    2015-05-18 13:05:26

  • aaa
    Abosi Bill [[]] Analysis phase is the core determinant of setting specific performance goals for the system to achieve,clearly identifies what resources will be required to complete the project.
    2015-05-16 00:05:12

  • aaa
    Nelson Yemi Nigeria complicated stage
    2015-05-14 16:05:13

  • aaa
    NKOTANYI Francis Rwanda This topic is basically for analysing the planned activities.
    2015-05-14 08:05:09

  • aaa
    lucia Nkomo Mauritania This is a complicated stage which needs to well handled.
    2015-05-12 01:05:28

  • aaa
    John Day United Kingdom The direction that you go will coem from the facts & figures, have a good undertsanding of to take it forward?
    2015-05-11 14:05:59

  • aaa
    ZAFRUL HASSAN MUJIB India In this phase, a number of important decisions are made
    2015-05-06 18:05:36

  • aaa
    Gibson Kariuki Kenya finally understood the various method of data collection
    2015-05-06 14:05:23

  • aaa
    jooj hywrd Iraq This phase sets major goals and time frame for the completion of the project
    2015-05-05 20:05:10

  • aaa
    Challenge Sunduza Zimbabwe the analysis phase as an essential phase in SDLC because in involves consultation with the very people where the project is to be implemented. this is essential as it shows the peoples opinion towards the system project to be developed. throughout history, failure for most projects was a result of lack of interviews concerning the peoples needs hence most projects failed to tackle the heart problem of the peoples problem where projects were to be launched or implemented.
    2015-05-01 12:05:59

  • aaa
    Hilary Madzvimbo Zimbabwe The analysis phase is a major determinant of the project. it takes a critical look of the entire system and how it affects performance. hence it is outcome base
    2015-04-30 07:04:59

  • aaa
    Bisheswar Boro India Analysis also includes subdividing of complex process involving the entire system, identification of data store and manual processes.
    2015-04-30 06:04:06

  • aaa
    Steven Naidu New Zealand what modern IT methods or softwares are there to use in analysis phase
    2015-04-22 10:04:03

  • aaa
    Steven Naidu New Zealand i guess the analysis phase , brings out the best of all possibilities of any project to choose the and evluate what could actually work in what environment
    2015-04-22 10:04:08

  • aaa
    sunday mbiam Nigeria The analysis phase is a major determinant of the viability or otherwise of the project. it takes a critical look of the entire system and how it affects performance. hence it is outcome base
    2015-04-21 11:04:17

  • aaa
    Ada Giwa Nigeria throw more light on the design proposal
    2015-04-14 15:04:08

    • aaa
      Oladehinde Kuku United States of America This is where design thinking and innovation becomes key. Brainstroming tabled and interviews analyzed to carefully determine the tangibility of the proposed project if it should proceed and how it will meet endusers needs.
      2015-04-16 19:04:45
  • aaa
    Ada Giwa Nigeria the analysis stage is indeed a crucial stage where the decision of moving the project is being is a stage where carefulness is to be taken, it is in this stage that data's are collected and studied carefully
    2015-04-14 14:04:32

  • aaa
    Jahidul Islam Bangladesh How can it be improved?
    2015-04-07 21:04:49

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