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Diploma in Project Management

Comments about Project management documentation - Documentation

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- Module: Project management documentation
- Topic: Documentation
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Latest Comments

  • aaa
    Tiamiyu Abass Babatunde David Nigeria Documentation is essential for the success of any information system.
    2015-05-22 14:05:34

  • aaa
    Talaiasi Tangifua Australia the link for the video comes up blank...can anyone help please
    2015-05-21 10:05:42

    • aaa
      Fafure Temitope Nigeria you need a ''plugin''
      2015-05-25 17:05:20
  • aaa
    Ghayas Sahil Pakistan Got a great deal of information on Module and Documentation here
    2015-05-21 05:05:49

  • aaa
    Kiatoa Ruaia Kiribati how can I access to a video of Phil Wales?
    2015-05-21 01:05:49

  • aaa
    Kiatoa Ruaia Kiribati Documentation is of course a vital tool in preparing a project
    2015-05-21 01:05:25

  • aaa
    Efrazia Foka Tanzania What is 3RRR
    2015-05-18 14:05:48

    • aaa
      Frances Nsofor United Kingdom 3RRR (pronounced "Three Triple R", or simply "Triple R") is a popular Australian community radio station, based in Melbourne. The 3 R's stand for Routing, RAM and Radio.
      2015-05-20 17:05:22
  • aaa
    Efrazia Foka Tanzania Documentation is very essential for every success of any company
    2015-05-18 14:05:04

  • aaa
    Emmanuel Wawa Tanzania documentations is one of the important tool in project management because without document not done
    2015-05-17 17:05:18

  • aaa
    Moro Bosco Francis South Sudan I failed to get the meaning of 3RRR from the link which is blank
    2015-05-16 16:05:44

  • aaa
    Nelson Yemi Nigeria What is the meaning of 3RRR?
    2015-05-14 15:05:29

  • aaa
    NKOTANYI Francis Rwanda What is the meaning of 3RRR?
    2015-05-14 06:05:18

    • aaa
      Moro Bosco Francis South Sudan I tried the link but failed to get meaning from the video
      2015-05-16 15:05:34
  • aaa
    NKOTANYI Francis Rwanda Documentation has a great impact in management planning.
    2015-05-14 06:05:39

  • aaa
    Abosi Bill [[]] Documentation is very important tool in the hand of a project managers, without adequate documentation the users of a newly implemented system can not work efficiently.
    2015-05-14 00:05:13

  • aaa
    Annabelle Bongat Saudi Arabia Documentation is very important in project management. Supporting data to.defend the project and to pass it to the top mangement
    2015-05-12 14:05:20

  • aaa
    lucia Nkomo Mauritania This is so true. Documentation also helps in continuity should the initiator live or die,the next person should be able to follow the intended path.
    2015-05-12 00:05:52

  • aaa
    John Day United Kingdom To show the in & out puts.
    2015-05-11 13:05:55

  • aaa
    Kebede Berhanu Ethiopia I cant view the content it is blank
    2015-05-07 17:05:37

    • aaa
      Moro Bosco Francis South Sudan I tried but couldn't see any link
      2015-05-16 15:05:13
  • aaa
    ZAFRUL HASSAN MUJIB India The process of gathering a corpus of information and reviewing it to determine accuracy and completeness
    2015-05-06 16:05:48

  • aaa
    jooj hywrd Iraq Documentation is the core of success any information system
    2015-05-05 01:05:39

  • aaa
    Ismoilov Mehroj Uzbekistan Documentation is the main part of any project
    2015-05-04 05:05:56

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