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Diploma in Project Management

Comments about Project management toolset - Project Management Tools

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Latest Comments

  • aaa
    Tiamiyu Abass Babatunde David Nigeria A GANTT chart displays tasks and costs along a horizontal time scale, much like a calendar. The time for each task is recorded, by indicating the start and finish dates
    2015-05-22 14:05:10

  • aaa
    Adekunle Nicholas Adefela Nigeria most all activity be 10days
    2015-05-21 13:05:59

  • aaa
    Kiatoa Ruaia Kiribati How can a GANTT chart shows activities can be done in parallel or sequentially?
    2015-05-19 16:05:58

  • aaa
    Kiatoa Ruaia Kiribati A very useful chart especially in showing the best way to complete a project in the shortest time
    2015-05-19 16:05:22

  • aaa
    Ponya Rorisang Theoosius Lesotho I need a clarification on or between paralel and sequentiel activities.
    2015-05-19 07:05:38

  • aaa
    Efrazia Foka Tanzania Is there any way u can use GANTT chart Pert diagram!
    2015-05-18 11:05:14

  • aaa
    Efrazia Foka Tanzania GANTT chart help to show the duration of the task when should it start the its critical path
    2015-05-18 11:05:40

  • aaa
    Emmanuel Wawa Tanzania Is there any topic ahead which talking about GANTT chart?
    2015-05-17 15:05:42

  • aaa
    Emmanuel Wawa Tanzania project manager may use GANTT Chart in short duration of time like 10 days also
    2015-05-17 15:05:39

  • aaa
    Bonakele John Moko South Africa GANTT Chart is easy to understand,does critical means out of your control?
    2015-05-17 00:05:35

  • aaa
    Michael O Mahoney Ireland The Gantt chart seems useful
    2015-05-16 19:05:03

  • aaa
    Nelson Yemi Nigeria what is a GANTT CHART in project management
    2015-05-14 14:05:40

  • aaa
    Ehiaghe Angela Uyi Nigeria Wow. this GANTT Chart is a good chart but what are the barriers to using the chart?
    2015-05-14 10:05:11

  • aaa
    Abosi Bill [[]] Critical path is shortest possible path to complete a successful project and Gantt chart is very useful management tools in the hand of a project managers
    2015-05-13 23:05:30

  • aaa
    NKOTANYI Francis Rwanda Can some one with out knowledge use this?
    2015-05-13 12:05:30

  • aaa
    NKOTANYI Francis Rwanda A GANTT is so much interesting.
    2015-05-13 11:05:44

  • aaa
    Annabelle Bongat Saudi Arabia GANNT CHART is very good tools in planning but i agreed it did not mentiones the barriers to each task..and how to solve this as we go along with our plans
    2015-05-12 10:05:37

  • aaa
    John Day United Kingdom Have a plan that includes a Gantt chart, Pert Chart and logical links to product and the method supporting that.
    2015-05-11 13:05:37

  • aaa
    Gobeh Yenchi Cameroon why does not it show the Critical Path, can't the relationship between task be included?
    2015-05-07 09:05:59

  • aaa
    ZAFRUL HASSAN MUJIB India to define critical path
    2015-05-06 16:05:59

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