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Key ratios - profitability

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    Adeel A.
    Adeel A.

    It is not working prpoerly on my mobile. Is there any solution???

    Bikash G.
    Bikash G.

    Explain the main profitability ratios?

    Mabutu Lincoln M.
    Mabutu Lincoln M.

    current ratio=current assets/current liability Measure the ability of the company to pay its current debts as they become due Acid Test Ratio=Quick assets/Quick liability Quick assets are cash, marketable securities, account receivable (Net) & note receivable. Accounts Receivable Turnover=Sales on accounts/Average Accounts Receivable This ratio measures how many times a company converts its receivable into cash each year.

    Fehintola K.
    Fehintola K.

    Must all these ratios' figures employed before a company's profit can be determined?

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