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Accrued revenue

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    Rose R.
    Rose R.

    Revenue earn but not yet received at balance day; a current asset .

    JOSE F.
    JOSE F.

    Journal entries are wrong for this prepaid rent example.

    Stefania M.
    Stefania M.

    I am Sorry but I am quite lost, because to me the account BANK it is a FINANCIAL ACCOUNT, that means that when i have to write a positive variation i have read that criteria like OTHERS HAVE TO GIVE TO ME and so i have to write it into the first column of Ledge that to me is GIVE, ..but for you this positive column is called DEBTS (!!!): How a DEBT can be a positive voice? at the same way what for me is a NEGATIVE Variation and that i call with GET, that means that OTHERS HAVE TO GET FROM ME...for you is CREDITS ...!!! I Have all countability at inverted columns??!!!..HEEEELP!!!.. ty

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