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Comments about Ways of viewing the environment - Ways of viewing the environment: focus questions

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- Module: Ways of viewing the environment
- Topic: Ways of viewing the environment: focus questions
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  • aaa
    Christian Gordon Rambu Indonesia When i was a child, i remembered to have rice farm on the backyard. It was always green each three months and became yellow until it ready to harvest. I loved to see many birds coming all the way to pick up the grains. Furthermore, i loved to have fishing there, since the rice farm had a little pool beside it. The other thing i remembered that i loved to hiking on the hill near my parents house. The view was great, i could see many bulidings and sea ports about 3 km from my house. Now, the hill is crowded by housing; however i can still enjoy that great view there.
    2015-05-06 05:05:53

  • aaa
    Rk Sharma India Ways of looking at the environment:- 1. Debate the range of the ways we see the land today. What has this meant for the destruction of the wilderness? 2. Choose three environments you have visited this year and outline how you felt being there. 3. Describe your relationship with the land. 4. What is the future of our environment, what will happen next? 5. Outline three different organisations and how they relate to the land (e.g. farmers, environmentalists, skiers etc). 6. Think back to your childhood, what is your most vivid memory of the wilderness. It might be climbing a tree, it might be your back yard or it might be the first time you went to the beach. Write a brief story about this experience trying to capture the feel of that experience. 7. Think back to the stories you were told about the environment when you were young, write short children's story that illustrates your perception of the land.
    2015-02-27 04:02:20

  • aaa
    Muhammad Saleem Akhtar Pakistan Which type of questions have to focus for viewing the environment.
    2015-01-05 05:01:26

  • aaa
    Zachary Bashore United States of America What are some focus ways of viewing the environment?
    2014-08-19 09:08:35

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