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Why are compounds formed?

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    Glodean C.
    Glodean C.

    It would help if the elements in the animation moved a lot slower. Had to replay and look closely to see which elements combined and which didn't

    Karen S.
    Karen S.

    all elements wants to have a full outer shell and some need to loose and some need to gain electrons.

    Kim S.
    Kim S.

    Thank you Lyric

    Lyric A.
    Lyric A.

    Compounds are formed based on the electronic structure, and 'desire' of atoms to have a full, stable shell. All atoms seek to have a full outer shell of 2 or 8 electrons, because this is a stable chemical state. Atoms will react to attain that full outer shell. In order to get that outer shell full of electrons, the element will either lose or gain electrons - whichever is easier.

    Roberta H.
    Roberta H.

    The videos are not functioning properly and I am unable to view the animations.

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