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Working Near Overhead Electricity Lines

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    Kulani Abner N.
    Kulani Abner N.

    19 Persons working near overhead power lines should always have, on request, access to written risk assessments and safe work method statements at the work site. Employers should brief employees and other workers as to the contents of written risk assessments and safe work method statements when work begins near overhead power lines, at regular intervals thereafter, and whenever there are changes to written risk assessments or new information about health and safety risks becomes available. The employer should consult with their employees to ensure that such information and training is in a form that is accessible and easily understood. This is important where employees are from a non-English speaking background and/or have special needs or disabilities, and may have specific language or literacy This code is based on the assumption that without appropriate technical knowledge and experience of electricity distribution networks, workers that have not received training in overhead power line electrical hazards (ordinary persons) will not be able to identify the operating voltage of the live overhead power lines. When working near or operating cranes or plant near live overhead power lines such persons will not be able to recognise and avoid the inherent electrical hazards.

    Miller J.
    Miller J.



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