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Comments about Management structures and objectives - Management roles

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- Module: Management structures and objectives
- Topic: Management roles
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  • aaa
    Michael Ndetu Kenya A manager needs to be a leader to be effective.engage employees,correct and praise the sametime keeping his technical skills of management sharp.If the manager lives the companys vision,it trickles down and he can easily create a culture that's condusive for productivity.
    2015-05-21 14:05:47

  • aaa
    Blessing E Orji [[EU]] The main role of managers are aimed at achieving the organisational objectives through planning and cordinating system.
    2015-05-18 17:05:40

  • aaa
    THIHA SOE Myanmar Management roles are monitoring of objectives of the organisations.
    2015-05-18 16:05:10

  • aaa
    Evanka De Mello Sri Lanka Personaly I think it will be more productive as a manager to be less bossy and more receptive and open minded towards the employees. This way any issue or suggestions that would benifit the organisation can be gatherd and dealt with or brought to senior managers attention in meetings. Thus making the employees life happier and as a result a more productive and loyal team.
    2015-05-14 16:05:27

  • aaa
    Josiah Moela South Africa Is it necessary for a manager as a leader to be bossy at the same time or working together and along with all employees a necessary way to use?
    2015-05-14 14:05:20

  • aaa
    Josiah Moela South Africa Managers are creators, entrepreneurs, innovators and leaders in an organisation. They are also motivators through the production, goals setting process and in the attainment of the organisation's objectives.
    2015-05-14 14:05:07

  • aaa
    Barbara Charles United States of America in business the role of a Manager is fairly very professional. The roles managers play is they have lot to keep up with and to manage. They are in charge of what ever business they are doing whether is is entrepreneur lor wheter being a manager for a business company. Being a manager you are also a leader and your employers look to you for support. Managers keeps things in order and makes sure the business is running smoothly. Managers are the head and the employees are the tail.
    2015-05-13 18:05:14

  • aaa
    Ebrima Jeng Mauritania managers role is to monitor and co-odinate its goals and objectives can be achieved.
    2015-05-12 17:05:37

  • aaa
    Gbiaidie Godwill Bullen Nathan United Kingdom Indeed all manager's performed his or her duty in order to achieve the organisation objectives and it is must
    2015-05-12 14:05:47

  • aaa
    pat armstrong Ireland Managers perform generic roles within an organisation, from CEO, senior management to frontline managers. They must all achieve the objectives set out. The generic management function can best be described by POLC CCM
    2015-05-11 22:05:03

  • aaa
    Fridah Katongo Zambia The main role of a Manager is to achieve the objective of the organization. each and every manager should the skills of POLC CCM.
    2015-05-11 08:05:27

  • aaa
    Paul Tsekar Cameroon Manager's main role should be to achieve the objectives of their Organization.
    2015-05-08 21:05:48

  • aaa
    ali raza United Kingdom Management is largely about interpersonal relations between the manager and people both inside and outside the organization, such as employees, superiors, suppliers and customers
    2015-05-08 13:05:07

  • aaa
    Sarah Hunt United Kingdom all managers perform specific roles within the organisation, with the extent of their roles being determined by the position that they hold with the organisation. for example, a the managerial position of a CEO will vary to that of a senior manager.
    2015-05-07 13:05:21

  • aaa
    Hani mohammed saleh alferaidi Alharbi Saudi Arabia Management is tasked with generating an organizational system and integrating operations for high efficiency.
    2015-05-07 07:05:48

  • aaa
    Zaki Maxamed Somalia polccm is very important
    2015-05-05 17:05:33

  • aaa
    Megan Swanepoel United Arab Emirates Polcccm
    2015-05-04 23:05:08

  • aaa
    Olorunmaye Oluwasweun United Kingdom I suggest managerial roles can be carried out by every staff, even down to the least worker. Super leadership can be carried out.
    2015-05-01 13:05:16

  • aaa
    Gulshan Kumar India Depending on the type of managerial position it's principle is to achieve the objectives and can be described as POLC CCM
    2015-05-01 11:05:48

  • aaa
    Khin Mie Mie Zaw Myanmar The big role of manager.
    2015-04-23 08:04:54

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