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Comments about Enhancing retrieval and memory - Memory: peg word method

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- Module: Enhancing retrieval and memory
- Topic: Memory: peg word method
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Latest Comments

  • aaa
    Peter Okunrinmetta Nigeria ok
    2015-05-25 19:05:25

  • aaa
    Scott Mooney United Kingdom I can not believe how well that worked! I have never used that method before... how do you go up into 11 or higher....into the 50's you have to get rhyming words for all numbers or just combine the 2? 10+2 for 12 being hen & shoe = ......
    2015-05-22 21:05:20

  • aaa
    Betty Coyle Ireland everyone invents their own way to remember
    2015-05-19 16:05:45

  • aaa
    Bitrus Shallangwa Nigeria ok.
    2015-05-02 02:05:33

  • aaa
    Agnieszka Filipkowska Poland Funny, simple, helpful.
    2015-04-13 08:04:03

  • aaa
    Mike Lees United Kingdom Peg method is another method of enhancing recall, I think however we all invent our own individual methods.
    2015-02-24 20:02:31

  • aaa
    Stephen Diya Nigeria Good explanation
    2015-02-17 12:02:52

  • aaa
    Melissa Stephanie Pring United Kingdom The peg method would take a while to learn for myself and I should think that applies to others aswell, it seems as though it could be a terrific method if you could mater it?
    2015-02-01 01:02:05

  • aaa
    Uwenni Henry Johnbull Nigeria Using Reims & imagery for remembrance.
    2015-01-22 16:01:05

  • aaa
    Amrita Bhagan Trinidad and Tobago also uses imagery or visualisation to recall information.
    2015-01-19 17:01:58

  • aaa
    OLATUNJI Femi Nigeria Very interesting
    2015-01-13 22:01:44

  • aaa
    Nelson Torh United States of America Peg word method is a way of asociating items or things inorder to have a method pictire of the actual memory.
    2015-01-09 01:01:53

  • aaa
    Mathew Emmanuel Nigeria Pegs words are associated to numerical numbers, imagery or visualisation to recall information
    2014-12-29 09:12:07

  • aaa
    Gupta Ashok India In this process numericals are used by creating peg words and then associating with another imas peg word to associate with another imaginary picture
    2014-12-26 12:12:09

  • aaa
    Diane E Israel really helpful
    2014-12-26 11:12:43

  • aaa
    Heather Fenske United States of America Peg words are an association of a number word with word you are trying to remember
    2014-12-21 15:12:37

  • aaa
    Dominic Musyoka Kenya Either complicated or funy is a bun so not a rat!
    2014-12-11 09:12:32

  • aaa
    Sue Malin United Kingdom Never understood the use of the memory triggers, to me it's seems so much easier to remember the items than setting up a complicated system that means I need to remember so many more things. If I want to get milk I think of milk picturing a bun being dipped into a glass of milk seems more difficult for me than remembering milk.
    2014-12-04 14:12:25

  • aaa
    Emmanuel Omuya Kenya This is the way to identify things inform of images
    2014-12-03 15:12:05

  • aaa
    Diane Nicholson United States of America The number peg rhyme method system, for each if the numbers from 1-10 & up to 20). You associate with each number a word that rhymes with that number.
    2014-10-31 15:10:00

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