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Comments about States of consciousness - Purpose of sleep

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- Module: States of consciousness
- Topic: Purpose of sleep
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  • aaa
    Peter Okunrinmetta Nigeria Sleep must be a special behavior we need to cultivate for proper productivity and Health wise.
    2015-05-23 21:05:48

  • aaa
    Nomsa Mhlanga South Africa What happens to people that feel like they are in constant REM mode.... They dream but can change what is happening which leads them to be aware they are dreaming.... there are times when they dream and cant change what has happened.. in those instances... what they dream becomes a reality.... these people don't need an alarm clock... they can wake up at any time and can sleep easily..... My actual question is can we train our conscious states to benefit us further... is there a way to make us more aware in any given state...?
    2015-05-05 21:05:46

  • aaa
    Nomsa Mhlanga South Africa When asleep an animal is definitely less alert but only vulnerable to predators if they haven't chosen the safest place to sleep/ hide (survival theory...)
    2015-05-05 21:05:42

  • aaa
    Bitrus Shallangwa Nigeria sleep is a behaviour learned.
    2015-05-02 01:05:51

  • aaa
    Betty Coyle Ireland sleep restores all of your body and mind very necessary
    2015-04-30 11:04:36

  • aaa
    sara sellen Australia I do feel better if I have a good sleep as ha ing a interrupted sleep I t nd I'm more tired and irritable and don't I've as much concentration just lack of it
    2015-04-17 14:04:54

  • aaa
    Agnieszka Filipkowska Poland Very good explanation.
    2015-04-13 08:04:56

  • aaa
    Typhanei Celeste United States of America The Restorative Theory, as stated, does have some contradictions, however, perhaps it is useful for SPECIFIC restoration and rejuvenation; for instance, when one has a flu or bacterial bug, a fever, etc., sleeping is VITAL to getting better, it seems to me. Now, perhaps that's because I believe what I've been told, and expect it, I don't know. But for sure, the body is reserving itself in sleep, as stated, so how could it, then, be rejuvenating? I suffer from arthritis, fibromyalgia, and chronic pain, and I can honestly say that there are many days when I awake in MORE pain, and frankly, wished I'd simply stayed up. I'm also a chronic insomniac, and have been for most of my life, and there have been many "all-nighters," and in fact, a lot of sleep debt has accrued from my deprivation. I am diagnosed "Manic Depressive" (or Bi Polar), and apparently, that is textbook to the condition; when in my hypomanic stage, I experience a grandiose attitude of "sleep? Who needs sleep?" and as a result, I will write and research and keep busy while being deprived of sleep. On those days, I swear, my pain is not as bad as the times I get a solid 6-9 hours, when I awake hurting all over.
    2015-04-10 20:04:14

  • aaa
    Adekunle Nicholas Adefela Nigeria how do i increase my sleeping habit?
    2015-03-27 07:03:08

    • aaa
      Greer Nelson Australia maybe more exercise will increase your sleep be more active
      2015-03-28 11:03:39
  • aaa
    Adekunle Nicholas Adefela Nigeria sleep brings about conversion of kinetic enerw to potential while restoration bring about potenttial to kinetic.
    2015-03-27 07:03:13

  • aaa
    Jerry Dabo Nigeria Of what further importance is sleep to man relating it to his surroundings
    2015-03-11 11:03:24

  • aaa
    mensah jonas Ghana Excellent
    2015-03-08 22:03:51

  • aaa
    Arif Mehmood United Kingdom Very well defined
    2015-03-02 02:03:15

  • aaa
    Mike Lees United Kingdom If neither theory has been proven, perhaps another possibility exists.
    2015-02-22 15:02:01

  • aaa
    Diana Cook United Kingdom Common Characteristics of Altered States of Conciousness also did not appear; both came up as a parse error?
    2015-02-17 10:02:48

  • aaa
    Anadelia De La Cruz Netherlands tenemos que entender que verdaderamente el dormir es vital para nuestra vida y el buen funcionamiento de nuestros cuerpo y en especial para nuestros cerebro , musculos y sistemas nerviosos
    2015-02-07 23:02:16

    • aaa
      José Mario Pérez González Argentina De la empirica: El sueño es necesario de lo contrario nadie dormiria. El sueño nos ayuda a recuperar energia para emprender el dia, El esta acostado para dormir es una de las posiciones mas adoptadas. En los hospitales se utilizan las camillas para hacer curaciones y para que el enfermo descanse. No se han visto hospitales donde tratan de curar a los enfermos internados de parados. El cerebro sigue gastando energia como en la vigilia, El cerebro no descansa cuando nosotros dormimos y sentimos que parte de nuestros musculos se recuperan del cansancio acumulado.
      2015-02-12 16:02:44
  • aaa
    Stephen Diya Nigeria during sleep we experience a fall in body temperature and metabolic rate which indicates that the body is conserving energy rather than restoring or rejuvenating itself.
    2015-01-19 14:01:15

  • aaa
    Amrita Bhagan Trinidad and Tobago According to the restorative theory, we need sleep for physical growth and repair of the body.The survival theory of sleep suggests that sleep serves as a protective behaviour where the organism is inactive at the most dangerous time of the day
    2015-01-19 14:01:45

  • aaa
    Uwenni Henry Johnbull Nigeria Sleep are ment for survival & restorations, that is established.
    2015-01-16 09:01:26

  • aaa
    Mukesh Setia India survival theory is quite unclear
    2015-01-14 08:01:59

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