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Psychology: Memory and Cognition

Comments about Theories on forgetting - Memory: Ebbinghaus and the forgetting curve

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- Module: Theories on forgetting
- Topic: Memory: Ebbinghaus and the forgetting curve
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Latest Comments

  • aaa
    prrlltll prama Pakistan discovered streams followed graph labelled representation function learning forgetting retained complex rate mnemonic optics-lens-curve recognition gestalt aviation plebe rehearsal retrieval-scored-dynamics following
    2015-05-04 21:05:28

  • aaa
    Mike Lees United Kingdom I think the forgetting curve obviously takes into acco6nt the significance of facts but does a lesser significant fact become more likely to be forgotten ?
    2015-03-24 16:03:56

  • aaa
    Angela Armendariz United States of America if information is forgotten in an hour then how are you able to retain information in 31 days?
    2014-09-17 20:09:33

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