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Testimonials from the ALISON Community

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Jeffrey Brown - Learner - United States of America - -

Thank you ALISON for providing your free courses. I really appreciate the opportunity. I have learned so much and I am delighted and surprised by how easy it is for me to learn new skills. I am much more confident as a result of studying on ALISON. Thank you again

Uche Aniche - Learner - Nigeria - -

This is a whole new experience for me learning on ALISON. I cannot believe all this learning is free and available to me anytime. Thank-you ALISON for giving me the opportunity to learn and improve myself.

Gwendolyn Johnson - Learner - United States of America - -

I enjoyed learning this software and now see how advertising is leaps and bounds for creativity. This is a wonderful knowledge tool for anyone to earn income or just gain access to entry into the doors of opportunity. Thanks you for granting me access to learning.

Kelvin Kahi - Learner - Qatar

I would first like to take this opportunity to thank you all for the good work you are doing in mentoring and empowering us. It's with great pleasure and happiness that I have achieved my Diploma's in Business Management and Entrepreneurship and Customer service. This has boosted my CV and has enabled me to be promoted. It has had a great impact in improving my skills and Knowledge in handling the challenges in the Aviation industry.

Chris Tavaperry - Learner - Papua New Guinea

This free online course has given me the edge to rise swiftly in the corporate ladder in the company I am in. After completing the Diploma in HR Management, I have experienced so much luck in terms of promotion and securing whatever job opportunities that have come my way. Thank you Alison.

Vaiolelai Niu - Learner - New Zealand

Alison Online Learning Courses has given me a window of opportunity to refresh some old fundamentals and learn some fresh ideas to stay up to date with what is current in the world today. I have never thought at my age it would be able to complete one course given my hectic routine as a single dad of three. Man! Was I so wrong? I have conquered 15 Diploma courses and 13 certificates this year alone and I am not done yet. If I can do it, anyone can with Alison Online Courses support. 

Mandy Harker - Learner - Australia

I came across ALISON within the last year and I am thoroughly inspired with the courses that are on offer. I am a professional and have been working in the healthcare industry for some 11 years. The courses on offer for health professionals are a great refresher and learning tool. 

Mohammed Ishtiaq - Learner - Australia

I'm very fortunate that in this era, there is something called 'free education for everyone'. I’m very humbled that ALISON gave me the opportunity to do Diploma in Project Management. Thank you very much ALISON.

Serenity Mason - Learner - Australia

I am a mum of two young girls and have, for years, been  struggling to find employment. I am now studying for a Diploma in Social Work Studies and am well on track to gaining my dream job within the Mental Health sector.

Michael O\'Brien - Learner - Australia

I feel that ALISON courses will give me the edge over other prospective job-seekers. I have to gain further experience in different fields. ALISON, through its free online courses, has enabled me to achieve this objective.

Brendan Skelton - Learner - Australia

On retirement, I decided to fulfill a long-held desire to further my knowledge of Maths. Early on, I discovered ALISON and was most impressed with their mode of delivery. I have every intention to continue to use this excellent source.

Walter Peter - Learner - Australia

ALISON is a great tool to help you learn complex courses in a simple way, that’s easy to understand. I have been able to use the Project Management skills in my workplace. This helps me to be more efficient and confident.

Owen Atkins - Learner - Australia

I love online learning, MOOCS, and services like ALISON. With ALISON, I have completed three diplomas relevant to my field and position. The potential for this model is incredible.

Glargent Dallien - Learner - Other - -

I thank you people, for not being selfish because you have shared what you know and what you have in your minds with every body who cares to learn. Not only English, but with other opportunities online you make it easier for us. Thank you so much. May God bless you always.

Abiodun Elohim - Learner - United Kingdom

This course is very enlightening and interesting. Most importantly, it is free to study at your own pace. I have enjoyed every bit of it and I am already recommending ALISON to friends and family members to check for courses that may be interested in. ALISON, an excellent site.

Marie Judith Placide - Learner - Haiti

I would to thank everyone for the opportunity that I had to learn with ALISON. I have been learning a lot about Human Resources for example hiring, firing, employees’ opportunities and all of the rules that it takes to manage Human Resources office and to be a HR manager. That was very helpful. Once again thank you for all.

Ganapathy Subrahmaneyiyer - Learner - India

The course module, painstakingly, has been designed for learners. It achieves its purpose very well. The way certain important topics are repeated helps the learners remember the key concepts. Thanks for very good material & system of imparting the topic. Will look forward to take up more courses in ALISON. Also take this opportunity to wish ALISON great days ahead. More practical illustrations from the industries across the world would have added more value to the course content. Thanks ALISON team.

Raj Prashad - Learner - United States of America

An excellent, professional way created and presented with much improved audio quality. I strongly recommend ALISON for any kind of professional learning and for certifications/diplomas. Number 1 website for free learning in entire world.

Simon Ogena - Learner - Uganda

Diploma in Project Management is a very credible study program being offered and I was able to use especially the skills i gained in "the planning phase" during a recent job interview and it was perfect! I just love this free online course because it has widened my understanding in project management capabilities. I want to graduate soon and then enroll for another course. Thank you for the opportunity Alison team!

Carol Diaz - Learner - United States of America

This was an excellent course, and I can't wait to share it with my son who works for best buys department store. I have learned a few things. Its always good to brush up on your skills to become more proficient in your area of work. Thank you.

Richardson Borno - Learner - Haiti

It's a great pleasure to reach the final assessment from my learning course Diploma in Teaching Skills for Educators. I am very proud of this course. I learnt more than I've ever been taught previously. Thanks so much!

Claudette Colvin - Learner - United States of America

I want to thank Alison for free online courses in many different areas. I needed to provide certificates for two classes to satisfy provisional conditions of the University of North Carolina at Pembroke Graduate Studies program. I was able to take these classes free online through Alison. Because of these classes, I have been given full acceptance to the Graduate Studies program. Thank you for being there and for the free online classes. 

Osman Mohamud Salad - Learner - Somalia

It is a very interesting course. I have gained more from the course. It is short and very good indeed. The teaching system was very comprehensive and interesting which can be understood by anyone.

Shelly Schibley - Learner - United States of America

The course was well done in my opinion. I am new at learning how to create a business online and needed to get the idea of what I will need to be doing. This course actually taught me more than I thought I would learn. I liked how you got to see how things were done instead of just being told. That alone helps more than a lot would think. Thank you for providing a course that was easy to understand and learn.

Bethan Wanyonyi - Learner - Kenya

This is what I have been looking for and I am optimistic that the knowledge I am going to get is going to help me not only to get employment but also for self employment. Thanks Alison!!!!!

Kayla-jan Tukere - Learner - New Zealand

Learning basic french for everyday life is something I have been wanting to do, I think it will help when I move to France in a few years and help me talk to other french people in the future.

Ann Mahoney - Learner - United States of America

Excellent food for thought and principles that I will apply in my daily life. I am 54 years old and am starting all over! I love the "10 pages to read versus 300" approach. It does alleviate the stress of intimidation. Thank you for this course.

Helene Olukoju - Learner - Ghana - Accra

The course has been very insightful and interesting. It is a good spring board and stepping stone for further studies in the area of Business and Law Studies.It has taught me basic accounting principles and helped me to understand legal issues better. It is a course any individual and entrepreneur should study since the world economy and society is basically business oriented and business operators need to understand what is expected to be done in terms of business, finance and the law. Individuals too will have a better understanding of what pertains and goes on in the court of law and have a fair understanding of what is going on around them in the legal system. I recommend this course to any one studying with Alison. Well done ALISON Team.

Mary Bermingham - Learner - Ireland

Dear Alison Training Team, I think this Course is great. Hope to be able to put into practise - I can see the areas where I am going wrong at work, being reactive and feeling overwhelmed and demotivated with an endless To Do List. There is great advice here. It is the type of course that one could go back to again and again to refresh the points in one's mind. Much appreciated. Mary, Dublin.

Rosalinda Cavazos - Learner - Mexico

Thanks a lot for this excellent instructional program, "Understanding Dyslexia". I am an elementary teacher, I want to congratulate you because these kind of courses help us teachers a lot. They enable us to improve our knowledge from our workplace or from our house. I learned a lot from this course and I would recommend it to all my fellow teachers. In my opinion this course is going to help me with my students with any kind of learning disability or learning disorders not only with the ones that has a condition like dyslexia. Some of my students struggle in their Reading and Writing so I think that this course provided me with more guidance to make the best educational decisions for them. 
 Teaching students with dyslexia requires to make differentiations and accommodations that will help them with their ability to read. We as educators have to use all the available tools for help them. There is a lot of ignorance surrounding dyslexia and learning disabilities that is why I appreciate this course a lot. This kind of courses help to understand people that suffer this condition. Thanks again for all the recommendations and variety of methods that will help me and my students to grow and better develop their own abilities.

Ajit Irkal - Learner - India

Truely, has developed a 'new world of certified Online Learning.' Introducing a good, fully online class takes a lot of effort - it's like writing a book, or a major research paper. For my latest expertise, I have been searching an online course for almost one week on the same topic and finally I found's 'Diploma in Multimedia Development, which is undoubtedly provided me an excellent study method, which has completely widen my skillsets to my knowledge. I would like to thank all the technical members of, who have taken a lot of effort to introduce such a challenging task in its simplest way, which is very user friendly and interactive. Thanks to

Hanan Al Zabbi - Learner - Oman

This free online Photoshop CS6 video tutorial course is the ideal introduction to the skills and techniques needed to master image manipulation and photographic re-touching. The course will guide you through the Photoshop user interface and you will learn in a step-by-step manner how to use the basic essential tools for editing and enhancing your photographs. The course will show you how to remove background elements from the image, re-touch blemishes in the original photograph, crop elements out of the image, insert text onto an image, create marquees around elements to remove or modify them, and free transform a selection that has been cut from an image. This free online Photoshop CS6 video tutorial course is ideal for photographers and graphic designers who would like to learn more about image manipulation using the range of tools found in Photoshop CS6. It is also ideal for small business owners or home-based entrepreneurs keen to develop their image production skills and build a web presence using content created and produced independently. The course can be used alongside ALISON's Graphic Design suite of courses to truly allow you express your creativity.

Jason Rausch - Learner - United Kingdom

As a qualified Paramedic its a fantastic course to refresh and learn new fundamental things about the human body, despite practicing as a Paramedic for 14 years and constantly updating my knowledge and skills i have learnt so much from this course and....... its FREE !! highly recommend

Kieran McCarthy, Cork, Ireland

 I have this big dream, I don't want to work under someone when I'm 26-27, I want my own business, apartment and my families mortgage paid for. When I was in college my parents had to take a loan out as we didn't get a grant, and in the end I couldn't finish as we didn't have the money and I paid my parents back!

I've a huge interest in computers in programming and development and that's the career I want to catch and drive into a business in both android and java but I always get the same remarks about learning and getting the career, "You need a college degree.", "You need to have huge experience." So I decided to teach myself and prove people wrong! I bought books, studied till morning and completed courses through ALISON. And to be honest I became addicted to learning as much as I could! I enjoyed it!!! I ended up landing an internship with a company in cork out of other fully trained developers which I pushed to get to learn more and get that experience!

With sites like ALISON, people will have a chance to soak up so much knowledge, get a spark of enthusiasm to start something, build something and make a better life for them and others. I know that might sound cliche and dramatic but if you really want something in life and you had this kind of opportunity, I think with free learning and a drive or dream, possibilities would be endless! I think ALISON's that gem that people need to know about!

Blathin Wall, Student, Ireland

I am a sixteen year old student in Sligo and signed up to ALISON to further my education as I found the school curriculum lacking. Because of ALISON, I have the opportunity to learn many new subjects including Chinese, Arabic, Programming and Anatomy which are not offered in my school or surrounding area. I would never have had the chance to do these subjects and most certainly not for free!  It also helps me in school as I can do Geography, German, Biology, Chemistry and Project Maths which I am doing for the Leaving Certificate. I feel ALISON is helping me expand my horizon as it is filling out my Curriculum Vitae and making me more employable for when I join the workplace

Maura Stimpson

My husband died 7 years ago, and my life changed overnight.  I had no bank account, had never used a bank machine and never filled in any type of forms; in fact the only things I would write would be my name on a greeting card. I decided I would stand a better chance of getting work if I was computer literate.  Having enrolled in a Basic Computer Course I got hooked on Microsoft Office and wanted to keep learning. Then I discovered ALISON which gave me the courage, confidence and the hunger to continue learning. I just wanted more and more knowledge and there was no stopping me; so far I have done 3 online courses with ALISON.

It is all down to ALISON that I found other courses and sat and passed all exams among them to list but a few, I am a qualified Trainer, a Microsoft Office Specialist in both Word and PowerPoint and am studying on line for the Microsoft Office Expert Exam.

So with the help of ALISON, I discovered  that on a computer I can do anything.  I think there are a lot of adults and young people who are afraid to learn for fear of appearing stupid.  That is why the courses on ALISON are so good they give everyone a chance to learn and gain confidence to change things for their self.

Maurice Handford - Learner - United Kingdom

I am a dyslexic, think that's how you spell it. Anyways I normally find when reading my eyes can get lost on a page and jump around trying to find the word I last read. I find coloured over lays or glasses help this from happening. However having the course written as you have with bold and normal font throughout the course information I found it much easier to study. I am guessing this has been done on purpose and not as a random accident. So I thought it was worth mentioning. Other than this I have learnt alot of useful information. some of which I have already required from private investigation to my own difficulties. With education and the written word. Although the one thing that no one seems to state it that the individual will not get anywhere if he/she doesn't first ackonwledge that they have a problem and we are very good at hiding within the school system due to fear of the posible come backs from the so called normal people/kids dependant on your age group. Sociality as a whole is not kind to difference. Anyways thank you for the opertunity to learn and for the free education. I have enjoyed it and will continue. I'm alot slower at this kind of stuff than my sister, it has taken awhile to get through the content and i have had to you a dictionary at times but its all good fun and well worth it.

Pinky Takawira - Learner - Zimbabwe

Diploma in Social Work Studies Course: is of great importance, in the community. A Social Worker helps to change and improve lives of the vulnerable groups, old aged people and young people, who will be living under stress, abuse, and facing different kind of challenges which will not be easy to overcome. All in all, Social Workers, are considered as problem relievers, in fact most people have different social challenges they meet in life which need a Social Worker to attend to. This Course teaches and trains a person how to socialize in the community, and how to assist people facing challenges. Before being trained by Alison, I did not have a know-how on dealing with matters arising in the community, I thank Alison College for opening my mind, now I can operate in my community, in socializing, solving, reporting and making decisions on different challenges faced by clients. I now know the way forward in handling issues and problems of people in the community. Through Diploma in Social Work Studies Course, I am empowered person.

After my own experiences with ALISON, I really believe that these courses are can develop talent and help anyone who wants to learn

First I want to thank all employees at ALISON for providing a great opportunity for free education.  I am working in the HR field and this requires a lot of reading and researching to keep my knowledge up-to-date.  I wanted to study courses related to my field to pursue a promotion and to develop key skills.  I began to study ALISON last year and found it easy to fit my studies around my work. I am now certified in the "Fundamentals of Operations Management" and am currently taking the ‘Diploma in Human Resources’.   After my own experiences with ALISON, I really believe that these courses are can develop talent and help anyone who wants to learn. Mostafa Mohamed, Egypt

I have used my ALISON qualifications to grow my business and help others in my community to study online.

I would like to thank ALISON for the free courses that have changed my life and helped my business to grow.  I am the Director of a small company in Zimbabwe. I  had no qualifications until I found out about ALISON. With ALISON, I completed a number of free IT courses including
‘Introduction to Computer Science’ and ‘Microsoft Digital Literacy’. The courses have helped me professionally and personally.  As well as improving my business, I also manage a group of over 15 students in my community who are studying with ALISON. Thank you ALISON for the opportunity you have given to learners around the world.

Tafadzwa Mvindi from Zimbabwe

Achieving my career goals with ALISON

Studying with ALISON has changed my life. I work in Law and wanted to learn some new skills. After completing the ‘Diploma in Legal Studies’ with ALISON, my clients were very pleased with my knowledge of legal systems, procedures and practices. I can now take on more duties and have successfully represented a number of clients. My studies with ALISON played an important part in achieving this success. I am taking more courses on and look forward to developing my knowledge even further Isaiah John, Zambia

My business and skills have grown thanks to ALISON

As a Medical Practitioner, the training I have received from ALISON has helped to perfect my skills, and increase my confidence. I have completed 7 ALISON courses to date including the ‘Diploma in Nursing and Patient Care’ , ‘Nursing Studies - The Nurse as Team Leader and Teacher’ and the ‘Global Health Initiative: Diabetes Awareness’ course. Thanks to my studies with ALISON, my patients are very happy and business in my Health Center is growing. I am enrolled in more ALISON courses and cannot wait to learn new skills and knowledge to develop my medical expertise further. Margaret from Kenya

ALISON helped me to secure a promotion

I could never get a promotion with my company without a diploma. I decided to complete ALISON’s free ‘Diploma in Workplace Health and Safety’ to help advance my career. The company that I work for made my dream come true by promoting me and giving me an opportunity to study further after I completed my studies with ALISON. Thanks to the ALISON team who helped me to achieve my goals and make me who I am today. Martin Chishimba, UK

Promoting ALISON

Good  morning  Support  Team  Early  this  morning,(at  7am)   away  over  here  in  New  Zealand  ,  I  spoke about  ALISON ,  and  the  inspirational  effects  Tom Kelley  had  on  me  when  covering  the  course  for  Personal  Success. I spoke   enthusiastically  to  my  Toastmasters  Club,(about  20 members  present)  and  they  were all away  to Google ALISON  ,  at  the  conclusion  of  the  hour-long  meeting  .

Fantastic site and long may it reign

I enrolled on the 17/3/2011 and since then I have studied a lot of courses and I have a few certificates I think this is a fantastic site and long may it reign. I study on here because it helps my memory, I had to leave work because of my health in 2004 and I went on line privately in 2010 and in 2011 I started looking for any free "ECDL" courses of which I didn't find any but I found "Alison" and am I pleased I did, so I would like to say thank you and I intend to keep on learning as long as I am able, so once again thank you. Yours Mr Keith Gray.

Getting your career back on track

Millions of people worldwide log onto their online classroom everyday with the aim of improving their job prospects, getting themselves back into the jobs market or just to learn. Meet Rachel Myer, a 38-year-old mother of three, who used online education to get her career back on track.

I did not think that free online education was possible

Being a South African Citizen I did not think that free online education was at all possible until I came across Alison. I must admit I was a bit sceptical but thought that it would do no harm to give it a try. I am a Business Advisor by profession but lacked a formal diploma, as I only had a certificate in Human Resource Management. Based on the amount of course work in Business Management and Entrepreneurship, I became more and more convinced that this was the real deal. I finished my Diploma in Business Management and Entrepreneurship in December 2013, and was very excited to know that I now posess a diploma. I want to encourage people all over the world that cannot afford to pay exhorbitant fees to colleges and universities to make use of Alison.

Promote ALISON

Please tell everyone there in your nice Country whoever doubts Alison that they are not crooks or whatever bad term who may like to describe them of and that Alison is the best and you will learn Courses in very simple English which you will never find in those Institutions charging exorbitant fees un-necessarily. Please let’s say "cheers' to Alison and move with them. I promise to always support Alison because they are straight, innovative, strong, free education providers and trustworthy. Warmest regards, Isaiah John Bwanga

ALISON are Great

You are really great. You are making education useful to the world community for free. My best wishes to you for your mission to be more successful. I read about you and your company recently. I appreciate your generosity. Keep this service alive throughout for the mass of the world to benefit. People like you only shall make lots of different to the world community. Thanking you. Sincerely, Geetha Sundar.

The Benefits of ALISON

Over the years, I became increasingly interested in writing and internet marketing. I was so busy at work that it was impossible to take time off to study full-time. One day in 2012, I did a search on the internet for online study courses and came across I enrolled for the first course immediately. I could study at my own pace. The courses are geared towards practical application, so I was able to apply what I’ve learnt immediately. I have completed the following courses since December 2012: How to Create Your First Website; Social Networking and Viral Marketing Using Facebook; Using YouTube; Diploma in Social Media Marketing and the Diploma in Basic English Grammar.

Mervyn Queeley - Learner - United Kingdom

Course Module: Module 1: Understanding Aggregate Supply and Demand Course Topic: Aggregate Demand Comment: Enjoyed this. Served as a nice refresher. Nice pace and clear explanation of the theories being addressed. I think that the provision of this kind education service at this kind of high standard is excellent. Especially for those of low means and/or are unemployed. An excellent way to learn and move forward. Thank you

Comment from Albert Kabonga - Zambia

Great course and I will spread the news to my fellow work mates who are  Safety Professionals so that we make our organisation work places  safe  to work in and hence increase productivity and obvious achieve company’s Safety and Health Vision which is every person going home safe and Health everyday. Huge Thank you Alison.

Paul Njoku - Learner - Nigeria

Course Module: Start Aptitude Test Course Topic: Start Aptitude Test Comment: Thanks, it was a very nice test. All areas of my attributes were touched and i felt good taking the Aptitute test. i say a big thank you to Sort-MyCareer and Alison for these wonderful and educative programs. Paul N

Atto-Kwamena Nhyira Paintsil - Learner - Ghana

Course Module: Project management methodology Course Topic: Project management methodology: phase 1 - investigation Comment: This is going to prove both intellectually and practically challenging although the course exhibits signs of providing interesting instances that should power the serious student on to completion, certification and deployment of their acquired technology and high-level skills. Congratulations and great thanks to the organisers of this wonderful learning platform online - FOR FREE!

Toulei Fidele - Learner - Cameroon

Course Module: Management structures and objectives Course Topic: Management roles Comment: Course Module: Managing large scale organizations Course Topic: POLC CCM Comment: Evaluating organizational performance Course Topic: KPIs Comment: Undoubtedly,Alison is doing an amazing job,I believe that anyone who tries this course will not regret it as it contains genuinely useful information.I advised anyone who like to help people others to do these courses.

Jeffrey Whittaker - Learner - United States of America

Course Module: Chemical reactions Course Topic: Reactions between acids and metal carbonates Comment: I have read a small number of websites' descriptions of chemical reactions, but none of them are as clear and complete as this one! Congratulate yourself on a useful website! I will support it!

Princewill Ekeji - Learner - Nigeria

Course Module: Food Safety - Introduction to Incident Management Course Topic: Food Safety - Introduction to Incident Management Comment: Alison has brought education to our door step. Many thanks to my Boss, Mr. Shola @ Genesis Group Nig. Ltd who introduced me 2

ALISON is the best thing I have ever done

Cynthia Floriani has completed nine courses on ALISON. She is also very active in assisting homeless people in Australia. She is an inspirational woman. She has kindly agreed to share her story with us.

Peter Bwayo - Learner - Kenya - -mombasa

Course Module: Project management overview Course Topic: Project Management Comment: Hi, this is just great . the courses you offer are quite professional and what I like most is the way you teach, you make it so simple and friendly. Well done and am with you till the end!

Etonu Benedict Opio - Learner - Uganda - -Kampala

Course Module: Project Management Assessment Course Topic: Project Management Assessment Comment: This course has really added more knowledge to me and the project management methodology as well as System Development Life Cycles were of major guidance to me.
Am really grateful to Alison for this opportunity given to me.
Keep it up.

Lydia Chanda Nkonde - Learner - Zambia - KITWE

Course Module: Module 3: Environmental Health and the Practical Nurse Course Topic: Patient Care Environment - Safety Measures Comment: it is so so encouraging to learn such courses online especially in my country in Africa.

Joao Sacalumbo - Learner - Angola - -Luanda

Course Module: Module 1: The Learner Course Topic: Learning Outcomes Comment: I have been teaching English for nearly nine years now, and think that this course is a window of opportunity for me to better my teaching abilities. As we learn till we die, I think that there is no going back when the case is to learn to inspire our students so that they become better English users tomorrow.

Robert Henry - Learner - Jamaica - -

Course Module: Managing large scale organisations Course Topic: POLC CCM Comment: Good avenue to develop effective managers.Very informative and easy to understand.Thank you Alison.

Nur sharif - Learner - United Kingdom - -

Course Module: English - Writing Course Topic: What is writing? Comment: This course is absolutely fantastic and I have never seen
Before such a free course online.. This course you can
Study from home or job any were you are the only thing
you need is an internet . Finally I would like to thank to Alison .

Henry Wilson - Learner from Papua New Guinea

I am also so gratefully thankful to this unique set up/organization that allows people like me in this remote part of the world to take advantage in committing time to doing courses that are offered through this learning process in our field of work and passing is a big plus to the ALISON’s organization. Thank you so much. This is a second opportunity education provider for the less privilege like me and a HONOR have come across this kind of setup.


I wish to continue to take up other courses whilst I still have this privilege at hand. Many thanks to ALISONS and their entire STAFF and MANAGEMENT team for such a prestigious and unique set.

Paris Chaze - Learner from UK

Many thanks to you and the ALISON team. It is truly an invaluable asset. I was over the moon when I came across it.  The benefits are too enormous to mention.  I have no doubt that my future prospects in employment and in society will have been greatly enhanced because of ALISON. As the great Nelson Mandela said: “Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world and it is not beyond our power to create a world in which all peoples have access to a good education."

Neba Tambi Ntonifor - Learner - Cameroon - Douala


Mohammed Jibrin - Learner from Nigeria

I am still searching for an adjective to qualify ALISON Team. Amazed with what I am seeing. Can not imaging the level of knowledge I've acquired sinse after joining Alison. The Team is doing wonderfully. Preparing to obtain all my certificates from Alison as soo as possible. I congratulate Alison.

Michael Foy - Learner from Ireland

As a Director of Studies in the TEFL field I always encourage students to engage in learner autonomy while they are in Ireland and on return to their home countries. ALISON has been a godsend as there is a fantastic selection of educational and self-development courses for everyone. If you are between jobs then there are many skills which can be added to your CV  - and they are FREELY accessible. In my own case I am launching my own business and I have been able to supplement my existing knowledge with Diplomas in Operations & Project Management. Education is for LIFE - Thank you ALISON.

Suzanne Marfil - Learner from USA

I am quite pleased with ALISON so far!  The seamless blending of auditory, visual and kinetic learning styles incorporated each lesson is brilliant!  I am looking forward to taking many more courses, and have been recommending it to all my friends.

Godwin Ozemoje - Learner - Nigeria - Lagos

It is great to learn at this level freely considering the fact that most Governments do not offer free education at all. The lectures are straight to the point and lucid. I will recommend this to many.

Innocent Libala - Learner from Namibia

It had been a great benefit studying with your Interactive University ALISON. This is just to let you know that the Knowledge and skills that I acquired from your University helped me a lot. I was promoted recently to a senior position in my company and I’m very happy with my new position.

Ogero Richard - Learner from Uganda

I just want to appreciate Alison Team for their good work of helping people like us who cannot manage to afford the institution fees for joining universities for further education, but we can also now feel so cheerful to have Alison for bringing education just to our Homes....Go go go go ahead make it global.

Richard Luwaga - Learner from Uganda

I am here to extend my sincere appreciations to all Alison team for making good education go global. I recently finished my diploma course in project management and am yet to get my certificate. I felt a great triumph to get this international recognized diploma and am looking forward to achieve more. The diploma is a great addition to my academic credentials and i also stand tall from the cloud.
Thank you all Alison Team and i look forward to achieve more through you.

Ocweyi Fred - Learner from Uganda

I am very excited excited, that Alison University gave me the opportunity through their amazing courses that enabled me to completed both Diploma in Environmental Science and a Certificate in English Grammar and Tense Structure. I had completed high school in 2009, due to high cost of local universities i decided to dropout of school. But fortunately i met a friend in the way and i explained to him my desire to go back to school and this Guy he directed me Alison University. I ran so first and filled up the application online and they confirmed me as a student. These two courses enabled me to apply for scholarship which I believe to get it this Month for good results I achieved from Alison University.
In addition, Alison University is the best Universities in the World, I welcome everyone to join us because "Alison provides a new World of free online learning opportunity" from where you feel good at your own time.
In conclusion, Alison May God Bless You Abundantly.

Michael Gbenga Ogunderu - Learner from Nigeria

I wish to appreciate Alison for the knowledge and understanding i gained after completion of my course.It was a great promotion for me having raised me from lower level to higher level, I thank you so much Alison for my promotion at place of work from lower level to managerial position.

Naftali Mengich - Learner from Kenya

I could not believe my eyes when I received my Diploma today from the posts office. It is really shining and elegant, I think nothing will separate me and Alison, I will take some more course! 

Harish Chandra Sharma - Learner from India

As I observed that ALISON online courses are user friendly, and very easy to learn through their course material. The incorporation of Audio, Video and graphical representation of course material is very easy to grasp.

Mohini Puranik - Learner from India

I found Alison courses very comprehensive, and as they are online, learning is now very easy. Alison brings the courses in small modules which makes it easier to learn and grasp. Thank you Alison.

Jahanzeb Tareen - Learner from Pakistan

I would like ALISON courses to be free forever because they are a great resource. Accreditation is by no means the yardstick of ability. It's the person himself who matters. Lastly, I would like to appreciate ALISON's endeavors for making education free and accessible.

Edward Kissakye - Learner from Uganda

I want to express my sincere thanks to ALISON for offering education free online. The knowledge have acquired is going to help me perform better at my work place and i will be able to compete favorably in the job market.
God bless the founder and all the staffs.

Michael Sagbamaowei - Learner - Nigeria - yenagoa

Course Module: Types of information systems
Course Topic: Types of information systems

Geraldine Simai - Learner - Papua New Guinea - Port Moresby

Course Module: Module 1: Human Resources Management
Course Topic: Employees Expectations
Comment: By profession I am a teacher but I learned how to work as a HR Officer on the job. And after going through the first module it has enhanced my knowledge and gives me a clear understanding and direction of what HR really is.

Butholezwe Bhebhe - Learner from South Africa studying Diploma in Business Studies and Law

Just finished my customer service training course. I cannot hide my satisfaction and I am really looking forward to switching my career next year. Just watch this space because I know that what I have learned is super and I have been really empowered. Just come to think of it I did not have neither the time nor the money to attend college full time so I just went for it without hesitation and took advantage of the 25% discount for November 2012. Enroll now fellows.

Gibson Osiemo Nyameki - Learner from Kenya studying Diploma in Project Management and Diploma Legal Studies

Alison is one of the best model of education I have ever seen,it gives opportunity to everyone to be able to study, I am doing diploma in project management and diploma in legal studies,friends the staff in this courses is awesome and i would recommend them to all who want to gain knowledge and advance their careers it is absolutely free believe or not except for the certificate. Thanks to the Alison team.

Barun Singh - Learner from Trinidad and Tobago studying Introduction to the Learning Process for Teachers and Trainers

I wish to express my heartfelt thanks and appreciation to all at Alison for the great work that they are doing to uplift humanity through education. I have always searched for a means of enhancing my knowledge base, and Alison has offered me that opportunity. All courses offered are relevant in today's world of fast-paced information transfer, learning and personal development. Great work Alison and many thanks.

Hasan Khaleel - Learner from Sri Lanka studying Photoshop

I am astonished to see this web site. I am really overwhelmed and my kids are prepared to learn more courses from this generous web site. They will contribute in whatever possible ways in return and I look forward to more from this site. thank you to the Ireland government and thanks God.

Nothando Dube - Learner - United Kingdom - Aldershot

Course Module: Assessment
Course Topic: Diploma in Legal Studies Assessment
Comment: This course has become a gate opener for the career of my dream
Alison and staff l would like to expand my lips an say thank you.l am very proud l should say.

Paul McCarthy - Learner studying with ALISON from Australia

Everything that Alison is offering in it's modules, is a vital part of each and every day of my life on and off the job. It is a kindly reminder to the dangers around me and to others about the workplace that lack in the correct training and awareness. I have already promoted the drug free workplace to other members of my crews.

Jody Ann Brunclik - Learner with ALISON from Australia

I wish to congratulate you on supplying some really good information in your courses. I have done a few Nationally recognised online courses now, ranging from $5 to $900 and yours are really good, especially considering all you pay for is the paper work at the end!!!!!!

Oben ayuk - Learner from Cameroon

Thanks very much for the effort you made for me to receive that parcel. I will forever be indebted to you and your team and will do my best to see that your establishment is made known to all my friends in the country.

Corinna Thorburn - Learner from New Zealand

I have learnt a lot from your site and as a teacher it is very important to have places where it is easy to learn from.

Alison does this really well and I often find myself doing courses there to upskill myself.

Marina Dreyer a tutor from Middelburg Mphumalanga South Africa

Well, we have a small tutor center here in Middelburg Mphumalanga South Africa and I must say Alison has brought many kids a broader understanding of what the world outside the school walls are really like. We start them as little as grade 4 to choose any of the over 300 courses to do. Most of them start of with Scratch which is in the curriculum and they are doing wonders with it. Our older students benefit immensely from the IT section and all of them have quite a few certificates already. This method is very inspiring to kids as they can choose subjects which is of interest to them. Our tutors have also enlisted in some courses and the benefits working with the children can not be counted. We even got parents onto this system and it is just a circle that is spreading and actually making study a joy - which is our main goal here. I would recommend anyone to get onto Alison and broaden your horizons. Alison has given me so many opportunities to make a difference in my life, personally and professionally as well as every kid up here. I do feel that public schools should get their students to enroll in the subjects of their interest as they develop a clear sense of which area one would like to study further ones leaving school.

Chilunje Zimba - Learner from Zambia

I am about to complete my certificate course in Preparing to Manage-Practices and Skills and it has been a wonderful and complete learning experience. The material is well laid out, easy to follow and understand. I am about to make a career change and the knowledge gained from this course has  helped me prepare for my new position. I intend to follow up with other courses in management, especially the diplomas. Thank you for this great learning experience.

Bunthavee Vanthumma from Thailand studying the Diploma in Human Resources

My 3 certificates have arrived today afternoon. Many colleagues from my company were astonished because they did not know that I had completed my Diploma in Human Resources from Alison. They keep asking how to enroll themselves, I have told them that is is an online free course. Maybe you would be able to get more customers from Thailand very shortly. However, I would like to thank you all very much once again for rapid feedback and hope to keep in touch with all of you as usual. Until, my next achievement, please take care and wish you all the best.

Acquatey-mensah Anthony - Learner - Ghana - TAKORADI

Course Module: Entrepreneurship
Course Topic: Starting and Team Building
Comment: Course Module: Entrepreneurship
Course Topic:Starting and Team Work :Belief
Comment:I would like to take this opportunity to extend my sincere gratefulness to the ALISON Team for delivering such an incredible educational training free-of-charge.The training has immensely vitalised my entrepreneurial and management skills. It has also empowered me to gather courage and belief to pursue a start-up project I nearly abandoned as a result of financial constraints. CONGRATULATIONS! LONG LIVE ALISON !

Hope Mulenga Saluhandu - Learner from Zambia studying Leadership Skills in Business

Alison you are really doing a great job May God Richly Bless you abundantly because you have just reviewed the essential leadership skills a business person like me needs, I will surely recommend this course to my friends also so that they can also acquire these skills. This proves to me that their are no rituals needed for one to become successful in business but one need to be a good leader. I personally have acquired the knowledge and understanding of how to organize my company, how to select my business team, how to manage my business team, and how I should behave as a business professional Thanx a Million.

Donna Mcneill - Learner from United States of America

This course literally saved my life. I served in two American militaries, and have amassed over $100,000 in student loans. I currently live with my mother in a one bedroom apartment. With this economy, I have just had such hard luck in finding employment, and my financial situation is just horrible. This course has allowed me to afford to train for a career, which I don't know if it will lead to employment. The only thing I qualify for now is student loans. I tried going back to school to update my computer skills, but was denied, probably because of my massive student loans and my inability to make payments on them. I have tried to go to a pre-med program, but was denied. But getting back to your Advanced Biology II courses. This simulates an actual class in that it combines actual scientific occurrences, text and video. I'm amazed at how much I have learned, and I look forward to continuing my education with your courses. Thanks.

Robert Kofi from Ghana

I like Alison, because their certificate got me a new job as safety officer. I got the Diploma in Workplace Safety and Health.

Alice Smith from America

Alison courses are more advanced than all other online and traditional educational programs and are, in fact, the best educational tools I have ever experienced. The opportunity to participate in courses without the consequence of debt is uniquely refreshing. If I see that the course is not what I expected, I can move on to those of my interests without penalty. Thank you for making this style of learning available. It is so much better than the U.S. Universities that I have attended.

Edward Goraseb from Namibia

I truly want to thank ALISON for their great efforts to even motivate those who gave up studies to study free from them. Who will say "NO" to this. For those who have not started a course yet I just did my Diploma in Human Resource Management. I dare you to try your choice!

Maureen Wanja - Learner from Kenya

I want to thank you so much for this opportunity and bringing light at the end of my tunnel. Words cannot express much gratitude I have for this programme. You have really made something out of my life.

MIGLAISE FILS-AIME - Learner from the United States of America

When I first discovered your website, my mind was so hungry to learn about workplace and more. Your courses have been the exact foods that it needed. I have promoted your site to many of my friends and will continue to do so. I have no doubt that my Lord Jesus-Christ is right by your side helping with your mission. Thank you.

Michael E. Railey - Learner from Liberia

I'm eternally grateful to your noble institution for the level of education I have gained as a Liberian. I received the certificate. Thanks to the Alison family for building my capability, and many of the world's people.

Aideyan Carlton Endurance - Learner - Nigeria - Benin City

Course Module: Management structures and objectives
Course Topic: C - communicating
Comment: This course is very insightful. i am loving every moment of it. Everything i wanted to know before starting my business have all been put together for free. May God bless all of you in Alison. Great idea

Jone Tuisoso - Learner from Fiji

I have received my Diploma here in Fiji.Great thanks to the Alison Management and the team your continues support and host this awesome website for free learning.Hope they will offer Degree courses in the future. I will share this wonderful Link to all the my people and friend here in Fiji. All the best for the ALISON.

John Green - Learner from America

My wife has received the diploma. My most sincere thanks to all who helped make this possible and especially to you for your outstanding personal efforts and support. I wish more folks would make the effort to help others the way you have helped me. Thank you very much!

Pascal Seke - Learner from Cameroon

Thanks for what your are doing making education available for anybody willing to learn; I will not say thank you enough because your team is wonderful and your team is doing a wonderful Job.

Hamza Rabiu - Learner from Nigeria

Thank you for giving us a place where we learn and improve our knowledge/skills for better. I understood that you have a very active method of teaching, direction, and guidance. This site (ALISON) has far exceeded my expectations.

Jone Tuisoso - Learner from Fiji

Thanks a lot. Now I am studying @ the University of the South Pacific here in Fiji, and I started to share the link with all my friends and classmates in school. They started to register online yesterday.  The company will have a lot of new members now and then. I assure you that I will keep on sharing this awesome sites to all the people I know. Once again thanks so much for your great help.

Ocweyi Fred - Learner from Uganda

I really appreciate the Management of ALISON University. You have lighted the world with the online free course study. I here enjoying your services thanks very much.

ALISON learner from Fiji

Thanks so much for your continuous support and I will continue to get some more certificate. I already share the Links and every good experience I got in studying in through ALISON. Plenty of my work mates have interested but I will continue to sharing this wonderful and awesome site to all the people here in Fiji. Have a great day and may God bless you and the ALISON.

Ambrose Ssentongo - Learner - Uganda

I completed two online courses at ALISON and I found the reading material very useful and practical, easy to follow and apply. I thank the ALISON team for the endless efforts invested in keeping this programme running

Aung Lin Naing - Learner - Penang, Malaysia

It has Been My Great Honor and Pleasure to Study with and also to My Great Teacher Mr.Chris Farrell via Online and Earned My First Diploma in Social Media Marketing. However, I will Study a lot Further More Courses and Try My Best to Earn the Diplomas as well.

Wahid abdullah Khan - Learner

I always appreciate Alison, I have refered a lot of Bangladeshi learners, it is an excellent one institution. I always proud about Alison, Alison give me a lot.

Mimi Smith - Learner

I just wanted to say a big thank you; this is the second course I have passed (Diploma in Environmental Sciences) and I have thoroughly enjoyed it: the content is top quality in my opinion, excellent detail, and without your help I would not have been able to study due to the financial situation. Even short courses are very expensive. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

Marwell Susa - Student Learning with ALISON from the Philippines

I'm one of the learners of the alison online study and grateful to know this free online study because it gives me a lot of information regarding my chosen course. It helps me also to acquire more new knowledge.  I know it will help me to find a better job here in our country. Thank you so much and may the good Lord bless you as you continue sharing this program!

Gun Gurung - Learner

I thoroughly enjoyed the course. Course was very useful and handy. I am very much interested and enjoyed the course. Thank You for the course content and of course the assessment. Thank you very much and I am also hoping to do few other courses with you.

Marina Dreyer - Learner

We are a tutor center EBEN EZER TUISONDERRIG here in the lovely town of Middelburg in the province of Mpumalanga, RSA and all our kids are doing courses on Alison. The small ones started of with Scratch - what a excellent program to teach them skills! The older ones are diving into the IT programs doing excellent to improving their knowledge and even the possibility to get a certificate.

Ferdinand Johannes - Learner

Thanks to all ALISON staff too and keep up the good work you are doing, many people don't have the opportunity to study at traditional institutions but you are providing an affordable alternative. I will certainly promote ALISON.

Martin Armstrong - Learner courses, that I have been on, have been of good value to me. in my view has revolutionised free-learning on the internet, so far.

Manasseh Ahumbe - Learner

I must appreciate your free education platform, it is virtually the best I have ever seen online. I have enjoyed a lot of courses with you.

Monique Graham - Learner

I found your website applying for unemployment.  I wish I had found it in my  I want you to know this is the best website for free education, I have ever seen! May you and your staff explode with God's favor and blessings for helping billions of people get an education they may of not been able to afford!! 

Lisa Martin - Learner at ALISON from the United States

Thank you to all of you at ALISON! I cannot tell you how much I personally have learned and have been able to accomplish thanks to you-your site-and your contributors! Everyone who uses ALISON should freely and repeatedly promote them. I tell everyone I know about my experiences with ALISON and will continue to do so! Here's to a fab 2012!

Ahmad kassem - Learner

Am so pleased to have the photography course with you and really I enjoyed it a lot, i hope to be communicated with alison all time ,you have been so kind with me and I appreciate that.

Mwachunga Simambwe - Learner - Zambia - lusaka

I am a student of public administration and political science at the university of Zambia,wow this course has enhanced my understanding about how certain economic are arrived at before reaching the grass roots,i think this knowledge should go a long way in my country.


I received the parcel yesterday afternoon and was very delighted. I have no words to use to thank you . You acted like a mother to me. If all institutions are like Alison and all individuals are like you, the world would have been a much better place to live in. Thank you and be blessed.

Bisrat Fetene - Learner - Ethiopia

First and mostly I would like to thank all those who are Alison's founders and the entire staff and no words for appreciation, because Alison providing educational opportunity like none before. I Bisrat Fetene from the heart of Africa Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Jonathan Sadullo - Learner

Alison is very accessible to everyone. It is a great opportunity for people like me who likes to continue education for better future. I can study anytime I want even if I have work. Continue your mission on giving a good education for the less fortunate.

Abdo Ghaleb Abdullah Al Ghuzi - Learner

I would like to thank you all for this wonderful project which I regard as an incentive and motivation to continue in education to all groups and all the people thank you again Alison team you really are special

H.M Dilani karunadasa - Learner

FIRST OF ALL I MUST THANK FOR THIS PROJECT! Really I think this is a good project for all people if they want to learn more.i want get my certificates, good wishes for every in this ALISON GROUP free education online. thanks

Abukari Abdul-Razak - Learner

I wish to express my sincere gratitude to alison team for given me this opportunity which I have been struggling for year to grab but not to avail. And by his grace alison has done it for me this month. I thank the management and founders of this well design computer made easy learning program to the benefit general public who can use computer. Thank you alison team once again. I have just completed Diploma in Business Management & Entrepreneurship.

Kelvin Kenechukwu - Learner

I have just completed a masters program in International Management and this is really a good material for me to spend my time on. I am still reading but i am already having fun and gaining knowledge. ALISON, is second to none. ALISON is changing the way education is been transmitted without cost.

Ajah Enongene - Learner

Greetings, I joined the Alison education network today and I am totally blown away by the potential of this freeware provider. I am a big fan of online learning and with two baby blogs and a facebook page "online cetification courses" I am confident I have the passion to harness and levarge on the power of Alison to mobilize my friends and colleagues to get on board. In this regard, I would like to be considered for the next election of the country manager of Cameroon. Great job to the entire team!

Ismael Mohamed Hagana - Learner - Sudan - Khartoum

Thank you Alison for gining us this oppurtunity to take this intersting course. I am very happy to be one of your student who loved study onlie which is very usefull than many others online courses, thank you so much Alison for your great support and still I am greeting all of you staff of alison.

Mohamed fuaad - Learner - Somalia - hargeisa

i am very happy to get this oppurtunity to take this course with alison beceuse i live in somalia.there is no oppurtunities like this.and also i am greeting you with the best and the most precious greeting all staffs of alison.

Jaime Mcginley-sutton - Learner

So glad I came across this site. Psychology is a subject I've been interested in studying for a while. I started my course tonight and already I can't put down my laptop! Loving the course, Thanks Alison

Hazel Mahere - Learner

i came across alison when i thought learning is no fun but with alison i have enjoyed every part of my learning expirience  7 courses and i feel more confident with my self

Baba Soule - Learner

Alison learning is a successful experience worldwide. I am so delighted, accomplishing a great achievement of the Diploma in Business & Legal Studies. I will stay turn with Alison for more further success.

Yeboah - Learner

Thank you so very much and the entire team for this wonderful initiative. Studies on Alison has been inspiring. I hope to introduce all my friends to your team, and I hope to undertake more of your courses with time.Thank you very much, I will keep in touch.

Felix Kabwe - Learner - Zambia

I am glad that I have been registerd for Project Mgt and Human Resources Mgt courses. I am willing to commence studies as soon as your team feels that I should start. I am ready.

Abdoulaye Lamadine Oudah - Learner

There are very few out there that have the heart that you do. You are very strong for continuing to do the work you do for us around the world despite what society thinks because it is free.
I am very grateful and honestly can not think of words to thank you. I will say that because of you I can have a choice of course and improve my knowldege and skills.

Learner - Caroline Kumwenda

this ALISON , you are on time spot on for me, cant stop learning & will never stop till ....

THANKS  ALOT  , i only regret why i didnt know this site years ago but tho its never too late


Liam Cusack - Learner - South Africa

I have been looking for a new job and I added mention of this diploma to my CV. I have been totally honest and informed people that the course was indeed a short course, but it does add gravitas to my resume.

Victor Pavaloi - Learner - Czech Republic

Having heard recently about the innovative and comprehensive methods of online learning with ALISON, I decided that courses with ALISON are the
best option for me to improve my education and skills. Studying Customer Service Training and Fundamentals of Human Resources gave me a lot of new ideas and very useful knowledge.

John White - Learner - United Kingdom

I have to say i found you on google i am amazed at the amount of stuff you do and its free I am not well or able to work at the moment due to the fact i suffer with epilepsy so i have had so much time on my hands i got so very bored but i then found your company i have done around 6/7 courses with you and i have found that it has made my life so much better as it relaxes me to study something its not like reading a book where you get half way through you get fed up and put it down never to pick it back up again but your courses the way they are set out is that you do a moduel and your dieing to get on to the next one as you pass each one it draws you into moving on to the next one and before you know it you have passed its great keep up the good work i look forward to getting my certificates.

Many thanks and big hugs for helping me keep my mind active.

Gabriel Haulyamayi - Learner - Namibia - Windhoek

I will definitely enjoy this course, for I have always wanted to study English language and literature but I was not given the opportunity to, and now that I got the opportunity, I will make sure to get the best out of it.

Much love ALISON

I just want to say thanks for the effort

“I just want to say thanks for the effort. I have received my certificate.  It looks nice and wish to proceed with other courses with time.  My sincere thanks is extended to the entire team of ALISON. You  guys are doing a great job - keep it up!"

Edward Makonge

maimuna mwidau - Learner - Kenya - nairobi

My understanding of legal issues has become much clearer since i started learning with ALISON.I plan to complete this course on Legal studies and the judicial system and continue with legal studies 2. Learning has been easy with ALISON.

Bernardo Bernal - Learner - Mexico - Hermosillo

The course has good a layout of information. It provides a basic understanding, and knowledge of Network security. We will need to have more advance courses of Network Security since this is really important for all computer users.

Rosette Bacchus - Learner - Saint Vincent - Kingstown

The course outline was very descriptive and pitched for all levels - whether you are an IT expert or new to IT. I have shared the website with my husband, who is a Curriculum Office with the Ministry of Education, who has promised to share it with teachers being trained in IT.

Suh Erick Ngufor - Learner - Cameroon - Bafoussam

This course is very important as people tend to neglect issues of safety and heath at their work places, especially in my country Cameroon. This course will go a long way to keep them aware of work health and safety. I love this course. It inspires me alot. Thank you (Alison) for this course.

Martin Okoed - Learner - Uganda - Soroti

I used to think (I think like other people)that Project Management is a course for Social and or Development workers. But now I see it is a course to be done by all people. Why? Time will always come when you will be required to accomplish certain tasks on or in time and within budget! So, enroll for the PM course now....why wait?

syed ghazanfar shah - Learner - Saudi Arabia - rabigh

An excellent course that covered the basics of what a newcomer to the subject needs to know. It has opened windows to connect the course and concepts of the course to other related subject areas e.g. occupational psychology. Really appreciated the course and has been an eye opener for me.

sokoveti tuimoala - Learner - Fiji - Suva

An excellent course that covered the basics of what a newcomer to the subject needs to know. It has opened windows to connect the course and concepts of the course to other related subject areas e.g. occupational psychology. Really appreciated the course and has been an eye opener for me.

Caroline West - Learner - United Kingdom - Uxbridge,Middlesex

Brilliant! I have only recently started Blogger last month, so this course has been fantastic for me in explaining all about using Blogger which I was unsure about. The course was really well taught and explained very well also in an easy to follow manner. Thank you so much,this really came at the right time for me! I really can recommend this to new Bloggers as a great starting point. Thanks again! Caroline West.

Derik Barton - Learner - United Kingdom - Plymouth

This Diploma in English Language and Literature is a wonderful innovation for online study.
The qualification will keep many to study with purpose, enthusiasm and commitment.
Thank you for providing a wonderful and engaging educational programme of education online.

Christopher Poteet - Learner - United States of America - indianapolis

After extensive searching for free online traing I found ALISON. This is exactly what I have been looking for and love the courses that are available. I am unemployed right now but with the skills I am learning I will feel much more confident and feel more marketable when appling for jobs. Thanks ALISON Chris Poteet Indianapolis,Indiana

ANTHEA SACKIM - Learner - Italy - TONARA

Just completed Day 3. I cant believe how simple this is. I had this problem with resizing before when I was trying to build my own website, and I just lost interest because I was struggling with resizing. I have done my homework, and I am feeling very motivated. Thanks Chris.

sam whelan - Learner - Bouvet Island - ttown laaaaaaad

dear alison:)the minute i seen this course and interacted with it i just had to go on it more so i went on this even out of school time when i was at home...i spent weekends in my room on the computer on this are a true hero and a great inspiration to us all that savour health and safety..CHEERS BIG EARS

Y. Suneel Kumar - Learner - India - Andhra Pradesh

This online course is excellent. I feel that it is very important as it tracks the chronology of events. Being a law student I feel this can be applied in analysing the case studies, events and links which could help in tracking the sufficient information. It is the best online course as per me. Yours, Suneel, [email protected]

Craig Underdown - Learner - United Kingdom - London

Thank you very much chris for this fantastic online course as it has now boosted my confidence and knowledge in the IT functionality.
I look forward to seeing many more of your videos as they become available.
Many Thanks

Craig Underdown

Sebastian Panakal - Learner - India - Cochin, Kerala

A great course. Helped me launch viral marketing using Facebook to add members to Sacred Heart College Alumni Association from all over the world. We are using Wikis at "WikiEd Seniors Mentor Juniors" visit:

Michele La Ferla - Learner - Malta - Balzan

This course has been amazing! Learnt loads about html and css and very helpful to start a career in web developing. Just one suggestion. Could ALISON use Dreamweaver CS5 rather than CS3, since the CS3 has become partially outdated nowadays. Still, it has been extremely helpful for me. Looking forward to make more courses with you!

Lynette Stewart - Learner - New Zealand - Auckland

This is a wonderful way for those who haven’t used a computer to learn how to do it . I’d like to suggest that you put the intro to IT, working with IT, the digital world, using IT Safely and protecting the environment, Legal matters in IT, Computer Hardware, Computer Software, Computer Networks, Maintenance, System analysis and working securely after the other sections as those who have never used a computer but wish to know how to use word and emails etc need the last sections the most and may not necessarily wish to learn all the other stuff about IT. Your course shows any beginner in detail how to use a computer and for those of us who wish to learn more about operating systems etc it is a great course …thank you Alison.

john.a green - Learner - United Kingdom - Market Rasen

Hello my name is John I am 60yrs+ in England UK I am so glad I found this course, I have just finnished the 21days to create a web busines and I think that the hole course was absolutely briliant, out of all the teachers that I have met Chris Farrell is at the top,thanks Chris by,JG

Mohamed Farah - Learner - Somalia - Burao

This advanced course is philanthropic present from benevolent persons. I would like send my heartfelt gratitude and sense of grateful for their support. This course have me golden opportunity to upgrade my knowledge and earn confidence.

Mohamed Farah Abdi

Saed hassan - Learner - Somalia - hargeisa

a great apportunity that i found in the internet that i discover with advanced knowledge with out any charge. i would also like to thank those who devoted their time time to stablish it and expand their knowledge to the worlds population.

Tamara Scott - Learner - United States of America - Bethlehem

Thank u yet again Chris...I NEVER knew anything about file sizes and in just 16 minutes now know what people r talking about now. This is so great and ur added treat today for us is inspiring. Thank u again and again for this training. I can already see the change it is going to make in my life!! See u tomoro!!

Yasser Sarona - Learner - Philippines - Manila

Very comprehensive, in-depth and highly structured, yet the modules are so simplified, direct to the point, brief and concise, practical and applicable in most organizations. Highly Recommended! two thumbs up for Alison!

ROBERT PRESTON - Learner - Ireland - Dublin

Hi guys, my name is Robbie. I was never really big into the whole computer thingy until a couple of years ago when I decided to write a book. I found the whole web etc daunting, however this course I find is simpicity in itself that even I understand it. I have always been on the look out for some kind of tuition as all of my experience with computers was trial and error and being so I picked up a lot of bad habits.

Dan Stoelb - Learner - United States of America - Vincennes

I found this course to be very good in tying the concepts of leadership and actions between people in improving safety. The Behavorial concepts were well laid out and taught in a logical manner. I have 25 years in EHS management and this was one of the best courses I have found on this topic

Dan Stoelb
Certified Lean Master

Jennifer Beckemeier - Learner - Germany - Bremen

I am an English Native Speaker doing my ecdl in the German language, which is very difficult for me. After passing mod 2, 3 and 7, I at last found this site, in ENGLISH. Thank you!
Math in a foreign language is no joke
Jennifer, Germany

Ali Abdilahi Shaqalle - Learner - Somalia - Sheikh

Organisation: Terra Nuova

I am proud to be a member of ALISON and I was an accountant for international NGO I got very nice lessons from Alison e-learning we will keep in touch, Ali abdilahi , Somali
Thank you for your vision and creativity

Ali Abdilahi Shaqalle - Learner - [[]] -

Organisation: TN

I am proud to be a member of ALISON and I was an accountant for international NGO I got very nice lessons from Alison e-learning we will keep in touch, Ali abdilahi , Somali
Thank you for your vision and creativity

Mohamed Artan Artan - Learner - [[]] -

Organisation: Bossaso Hospital Puntland

Dear Alison team , first of all I would like to appreciate your efforts that you presented to all who need to increase thier knowledge ,please keep countinue this efforts.

Thank you

Muhammad Umer Sheikh - Learner - [[]] -

Organisation: U&b Printers

ALISON is such a good community. Those who are willing to goto the institute, have not enough money for that gaye AISON is a wonderful site they provide the opportunity for free learning.

i am very thankful to ALISON


saahid Mohamoud Abdi - Learner - Somalia - Bossaso

Organisation: Puntland Youth Organization (PYO)

First of all were I got this website is Dr Abdiwahab who is from Yemen give to me and I get benefit which I would not get from my country, I can say This is easy free learning but it depend on who has fast internet.

Thanks for your support free learning and I tell the people to learn IT in this website.


Philip Abbotts - Learner - [[]] -

I have today re-taken an Excel exam which I failed 2weeks ago. Having found your website, I went into study mode and have now passed that exam with a mark of just over 60%. I have referred your course to 2 friends who have shown an interest and also I have advised the agency where I took my exam to refer those who need to revise to use your website. Thank you!!! Regards Phil Abbotts


Organisation: chimwemwe deaf school I am very happy and thankful to ALISON for this great knowledge,please continue helping the needs. God bless you all.

Mohamed Elsayed Sameh Gamal Eldin - Learner - Egypt

Thanks Alison, you are the best site i have ever learned from it very simply and excellent presentation in all learning site i have accessed before. I hope all people from my country try to use even on course and you will see the inventiveness.
Appreciate your continually support Alison for us.

Mohamed Abu Hajar - Learner - [[]]

Thanks ALISON you are doing a great job , i have done ECDL and got my log book fully stamped with passed marked which make me so happy and again came back to here and re-learn something i have missed from the main course thanks alot . and i finished the ABC IT and got the certificate from you i just received yesterday so proud that alison offer me place here and certificate ,thanks indeed Bless you all

James Joliffe - Learner - United Kingdom

Thanks for the courses as they are helping me to find work! They are helpful at the job centre, and when I show them the certificates of the courses I have passed they seem well pleased. I am trying to better myself through the online courses you provide.

DHAMAN Doshti - Learner - [[]]

Organisation: { Dhaman Occupational Safety & Healthcare Training Institute

ALISON is the best site in the world in free Online learning Your service is a real source of information and education.Hi to everyone who worked on such great site!!! Hoping the my Dream Come true through ALISON. Thanks for this wonderful way of training to ALISON FAMAILY.

Andrew Newcombe - Learner - United Kingdom

I was pointed to ALISON by a training provider. I am absolutely delighted to have access, at a time to suit myself, to such excellent course material. My main interest being around training on Microsoft applications. I have nothing but praise for the concept of ALISON, and the site.

Exuperio Jr. Zamora - Learner - [[]]

Organisation: MNCHS I have just found your site, on time for the scheduled teachers training for public high school teachers in our municipality. I introduced ALISON during the training when we took up the topic on "ICT teaching and learning". Thank you very much for providing us with a high quality, easy to use, and free teaching tool.

Temba Giwu - Learner - [[]]

Organisation: college Hi, I am Temba Giwu and have done an ICDL course over a period of 5 months, I am now proud to say I am ICDL qualified and through alison I obtained more than 80% pass in every module,thaks be to alison. I am now looking forward to register for ICDL advanced course, I was wondering if alison does have an advanced curse in ICDL,if not I need a refferal.

somaya hedar - Learner - Egypt

Organisation: American language Center I am IcdL instructor , I benefited a lot from your site and always advice my students to use your website for studying ,thanks alison

Reynald Cacho - Learner - Philippines

Organisation: Lopez National Comprehensive High School Thank you! Alison is an amazing online digital learning system. My co-teachers and students have been glued to it since meeting it. Its interactive style and open source model set it apart from other online learning systems and its group class model even more. I just can’t stop recommending this to my student and co-teachers. Indeed, this is one-stop online certification and training that all educators and IT enthusiasts should never miss to take. Thumbs up to all Alisonians!

Dennis Machembe - Learner - [[]]

I have found Alison the most vital institution in the world that has really transformed me from illetracy to literate person in the world. I urge the institution to keep it up in order to turn many from the world of darkness. By Dennis machembe

Mohammed Hadayet ullah - Learner - [[]]

Thank you alison for very wonderfull online courses.all these courses are very helpfull and easy to learn for every body specially for continue education professionals,I hope more courses will provide by alison,and wish success for alison,,Lets the world know ALISON can do... MOHAMMED HADAYET ULLAH Radiologic Technologist MALAYSIA

Asli Mohamoud - Learner - [[]]

Thank You very much for the wenderful and helpfull courses you provided us and definitly increases my skill and i will enjoying to highest quality and I thank Alison.

paresh prajapati - Learner - [[]]

thank you alison, me, my son and daughter all learned many things from your website, its great audio visual learning. hope u add some thing like photoshop softwares on it .

Victor Ekpott - Learner - Nigeria

You guys are the best. And you are sent from God. Since I discovered your site I've sent it to people that need training both in my address book and outside my address book.

Maggie Balfour - Learner - United Kingdom

I had only a short time to get ready for my exam which was yesterday. I needed all the help I could find so I searched the Internet last week and found your free online course, so I did my best to cram everything in in readiness for the exam. This is where I thank you from my heart as I passed with a score of 86%. I am partially-sighted and it was tough. It is also the first exam I've ever sat and I'm 53 years old. I am so pleased.

Lynne Lawton - Learner - United Kingdom

Thank you so much for the understandable step-by-step instructions to learn ECDL. I have completed the course now and as a result of learning so much, I am now much more confident with computers.

Musa Ali Osman - Learner - Sudan

First of all, congratulations on the birthday of ALISON. A lot of thanks and best wishes. I am proud and appreciate the free studies and valuable training. I am very glad due to the new Arabic system which will assist the Arabic speakers correctly in computer studies.

Gal Saqata - Learner - United States

ALISON is an excellent site to teach all online education ... I referred so many of my friends around the world. Thank you very much ALISON. Happy birthday on your one year celebration.

Paul Nethercott - Health & Safety Trainer - United Kingdom

A totally excellent Web site and learning tool. Well done to all those involved. I have been a health and safety trainer for over 10 years, and this accompanies classroom-based tuition so well and can also act as a routine refresher to a specific subject. Brilliant!!!

Christena Davis - Learner - United Kingdom

[ALISON] was suggested to me for help with my ECDL. I used it and I found it very very helpful. I am 63 years old and have now passed all my exams and await my certificate to prove to friends and family I am not as stupid as they thought! Thank you for the help.

Mathew Matang - Learner - Kiribati

My son who has just graduated from High School, is continuing his class with ALISON and said to me one day "how amazing to have this type of learning with your own free time at your own bedroom".

Shakil Sabir - Learner - Pakistan

I really appreciate your services and for sure I will tell my all friends about the wonderful programs you offer free to help people like me to explore the wide world of the Internet and the computer world in general.

Herbert Arbuthnot - Learner - Ireland

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you sincerely for all the help your course on ECDL gave me. I could not have gone from complete beginner to passing my ECDL exam without your help.

Adel Ben Abdallah - Learner - Kuwait

I'd like to thank you for your excellent course (ICDL) you are providing us with. I could never make it without your help. I went through the whole course, module after module. It was very clearly planned and explained. I just don't know what to say to thank you. You are wonderful. Thank you a thousand times!

Amr Ragaey - Learner - Egypt

I am fascinated that so much of your site provides services that are more than excellent. The lessons are at the highest level, it really is marvellous, and is very useful for me.

Muneer Ahmed - Learner - Pakistan

I have been learning with ALISON and found [it] very useful because it is very easy to learn and interactive. I must congratulate ALISON for providing wonderful training. I wish them more success in [the] future.

Cephas John Steward Mills - Ghana

My learning experience with ALISON online training has really helped me to overcome the tension I encounter at the Office ... I will therefore not hesitate to recommend ALISON to all who are willing to experience the feeling of Information Technology in this age. Stay on to ALISON.

Mary Grace Fajilan - Learner - the Philippines

I am very thankful that I found ALISON. It helped me a lot in passing the ICDL exams. I am very proud and I will share this Web site with my friends who will need it and be interested in it. Thanks again and more power to ALISON!

Lailanie Acosta - Learner - United Arab Emirates

I couldn't believe that ALISON Learning is just for "free"... Salute to all the makers and the genius (ALISON Family) who have made this online learning possible. I'm sure I will benefit from all the topics in here... Thanks and more power, keep it up!

Lawal Adam - Learner - Nigeria

I love ALISON with much regards and respect to this site! My sincere appreciation goes to [those] ... who ... operate the site, [I] wish you live long and keep up what you're doing for the betterment of those that have not computer knowledge. My compliments to all ALISON staff for doing a good job. Take care all.

Manta Barjo - Learner - Gambia

I like ALISON very much [as it] is improving my typing skills and IT [skills] ... especially  Excel and Access. Thank you very much for being here for people. Keep up the good job.

Carmel Hughes - ALISON Donor - Ireland

I love the site as it explains everything so much better than any other online training I've done. I'm doing JEB training atm (not online) so ALISON has helped me a lot with that. I've put the URL of the site on a few discussion forums also; and I know a few people have joined it and love it too.

Zakir Hashmi - Learner - Pakistan

I feel very good about using ALISON. Now I am learning Microsoft Excel and feel very comfortable. I never saw as easy a way of learning information technology before ALISON!

Steve Lee - Trainer - United Kingdom

...very interesting and as I'm about to lead a taster course with Exeter Age Concern I'll be sure to pass on your info to the learners … it's great to find a site that has no problems when accessed from Linux...

Alfred Way Grey - Learner - Liberia

"I am proud to be a member of ALISON ... I just love everything about ALISON ... May the almighty God richly bless the family of ALISON for the able manner in [which] they [are] educating the people of the world free of charge."

Sherrie Parent - Learner - USA

I'm really liking ALISON so far! I'm able to work on four different programs that I need to better my employment skills. Thank you so much for being here!

Ruth Wilson - Learner - New Zealand

I love ALISON. ALISON and I are now best of friends. I have even shown my nieces and nephews what ALISON is all about. It's a great help to my nephew who is about to attend College next year... Thank you so much for introducing me to ALISON.

Neville Solomon - Learner - South Africa

I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for a wonderful and highly informative ICDL course. I have really learned a lot and have improved my ITC knowledge to a great extent. I will recommend this course to anyone who seeks to study this subject matter.

Vera Shaba - Learner - United Kingdom

I have just started studying for my ECDL ... I just can't believe I have found the right training ... Can't wait to start my modules. Thanks ALISON, all my friends will know about you.

Lesley Atwick - IT Lecturer - Coleg Gwent, Wales

I'm an IT Lecturer at the Hill Education & Conference Centre, Abergavenny and we use your online training as a back up to our taught sessions. It's an excellent resource which our students enjoy using in the lessons and to revise at home. Its uncluttered format makes it clear and easy to follow. Thanks - we love it!

Louis Mosegane - Learner - South Africa

I am currently studying for ICDL, I came across Alison on the internet. I highly recommend Alison to anyone who think of enrolling for ICDL because it is so simple to learn. Through Alison I have managed to pass six ICDL modules, meaning that I am left with only 2 modules to complete the course.

Jane Worley - Training Officer, Lambda UK - England

Thank you for your vision and creativity. We have a group operating here at Lambda and your site is used by both new and existing PC users. The word is spreading and already a lot of people in our town are learning through ALISON. We find that all the training programmes are easy to access and use. The Customer Service supplied by ALISON is impressive - way above expectations. Keep up the good work.

Mick Kenny - Training Supervisor, Breakthrough UK - England

My work as an IT Training Supervisor has been greatly assisted since I discovered ALISON. ALISON staff have been excellent in assisting me to set the group up and have been rapid with replies to my queries. The online course is very easy to use and understand and will prepare anyone, regardless of previous IT experience, for the ECDL tests.

Brian Lewis – Administrator - Whitgift School, U.K.

The training materials and testing procedures have been embraced with enthusiasm by both staff and students ... as the Administrator of the system at the school, I have been particularly appreciative of the patient guidance which I received from the Sales Team who dealt with my stream of questions with effective good humour.

Sir.Ahmed El Hefny - Teacher - Egypt

Many thanks for your site Alison which helped me allot to pass the exams in ICDL Successfully. I really got allot of information through your interesting site.When I visited your site and became a member , I told all my friends who were with me in the course. All of them appreciate your site.
Thanks alot for all persons who helped me through their valuable information in Alison site.

Annette Potter - Learner - United Kingdom

Many thanks to you for providing this service fantastic. I am delighted to have found you as I have an important forthcoming interview in which I needed to quickly brush up my computer skills. I shall certainly recommend the site to my friends and employers so other people can benefit. Thanks again.

Kevin Kissack - Multimedia Designer - Ergon Energy Australia

As an experienced online developer and multimedia designer, I have a critical eye for online learning/training. I was searching for an online solution to teaching first-time computer users. I am very impressed with this site. It is very well designed, very useful, well structured, and truly interactive (feeback/quiz/practice), which I know takes a lot of time and effort. Excellent work!

Alison Cushing - British Heart Foundation

I am pleased to say that my namesake is an excellent resource and I have found it very easy to use and navigate. I would recommend it to anyone who is studying an ECDL, so far I have only used the PowerPoint section but that has been brilliant and I am really delighted to have found it.

Ian Johnson - Trainer - Flybe

Feedback from those using the product has been positive and has met the needs of those who first raised the requirement. The flexibility of access the product over the web has proved popular. Flybe'

Abdul Majeed Mudawi - Learner - Sudan

I'm from Sudan living in Saudi Arabia. I would like to extend my appreciation to services offered by is very difficult for them to catch the train of civilization moving very fast in th

Maria Ema – Educator - Uruguay

... I did recommend it to many of my colleagues!!! You should be getting many more registered users from Uruguay soon!

I'm planning to recommend it to my students as well, since I've found it to be extremely useful, pedagogically flawless and extremely suitable to cater for many different users' needs.

Dave Raghav – Learner - India

ALISON is really providing a good quality of education that too in interactive mode. It is my pleasure that I am one of the first 10000 members of ALISON and I am also thankful to provide such good...

Dalinjong Philip – Learner -Ghana

I believe we can should start in a small way and finally we would be successful.I would send your website to as many friends as possible for them to link up,and for them to also tell their friends....

Madeena Abdulla– Learner - Bahrain

I am enjoying my course very much.. and i learned a lot of new things.. I am telling all my friends about ALISON courses. I hope there will be many more interesting courses on your site.

Mahera Rai – Learner - UK

I would just like to say that this is one of the best sites I have ever visited. I am extremely happy with the courses, I wish you all the success.

Elena Angela Ghindoc – Learner - Romania

You gave me an excellent opportunity by offering free access on european version of e-learning for using PC.Can't wait to see the tutorials for advanced modules of ecdl,on which I intend to start soon

Mark Smorti – Teacher – New Zealand

I have been able to put a few of my 17 year-old students onto Alison. Their experiences plus my own evaluation show your site to be very good. The animated tutorials are up-to-date and relevant and...

Isaac Michael – Learner - Spain

I really appreciate your services and for sure I will tell my friends about the wonderful programmes you offer to help people like me to explore the wide world of Internet and.....

Tamba Morkway-Sossah - Learner - Germany

Your service is a real source of information and education. It has made me improved my capabilities in in the online courses offered. My only problem is that i am not always connected to internet.

Trymore Foroma - Learner - Zimbabwe

Thank you for your content on the ICDL/ECDL on web which is the site for those intending to improve the way they live in this computer world by increasing their skills and experience.......

Dalmas Ogutu – Learner - Tanzania

I am very glad for inviting me in your company. Since I have started learning from Alison I got so many new things dealing with, IT and I am very much interested. I just dont know how to thank you

Hassan salah – Learner - Egypt

Thanks for Alison and I hope that I'll enjoying access to the highest-quality interactive courseware and I'll improving my skills and career prospects through the learning content you offer.