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Online Teaching Courses

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At Alison, we’re so passionate about teaching and education that we’ve created a global network of learners and educators who use our free courses to further their careers and empower their lives. Now, we turn our attention to those educators themselves with a series of modules on everything from early childhood development and working with special needs to the theory of pedagogy and educational psychology. If you want to see if teaching is for you or improve your credentials and certifications in a specific area of education, look no further than our free courses.

While you’re here, if you are a lecturer in a specific field, you could create courses for us and share in the revenue we generate. Click here to check out how to become a self-publisher on Alison.

If you are a teacher looking for more material for your students, be sure to check out our other hubs for content on English, engineering, climate change and a host of other subjects.

ECD Free Training

Early childhood development (ECD) or nursery education is perhaps the most important of all. Without the solid foundation created from birth to about eight years old, many children may flounder as they grow towards adulthood. Proper health, nutrition, play, learning and protection have a significant role to play in a child’s early life. While parents may try their best, ECD practitioners are trained to understand and advance children’s cognition, social and emotional milestones, speech and language development, and the honing of gross and fine motor skills.

Special Needs Courses

Everyone involved in the special needs arena needs training to understand how to provide the best care possible. Assistance may be needed in the form of medical, mental or psychological help, and to provide it, you need to know the best practices for each child’s challenges. ‘Special needs’ also covers a wide spectrum such as learning disabilities, physical impediments and emotional or behaviourial issues.

Our free courses are not only for teachers: parents of specials needs children will also find them valuable. If you are a parent or guardian who feels like you need more support or knowledge, please visit our positive parenting hub for specialist parenting courses.

Online Pedagogy Courses

Pedagogy is where the reality of the classroom meets the method and practice of teaching. Even the most natural educators benefit from understanding modern pedagogical approaches to education. In the past, one teaching style had to fit all pupils – now we know that different people have different ways of learning. They also respond differently to different ways of getting feedback and being assessed. If you want to make sure your teaching is effective for the 2020s and beyond, be sure to update your pedagogical knowledge, for free, with Alison.

Teacher Training Online

Teacher training is different to pedagogy: while pedagogy is the academic theory of how to teach, teacher training is the nuts and bolts of how to perform in the classroom. You need to understand policies and procedures around managing your students, disciplining pupils in a constructive way and knowing how to get your lessons across effectively. Like education, training never stops – even the most experienced teachers can benefit from lifelong and up-to-date training.

Educational Psychology

How do people learn? How do they retain knowledge? These two vital questions are at the heart of educational psychology. Comprehending the answers will take you from been a good teacher to a great teacher. As an educational psychologist, you will apply science to improve the learning process and improve outcomes for all your students, especially those who are facing challenges like bullying, parental separation or other circumstances beyond their control.

How to Motivate Students and Learners

Motivation is one of the biggest secret weapons an educator can have in their arsenal of tools. The greatest lesson plans or most fun projects won’t help unless your pupils feel motivated to participate. So how will you promote a growth mindset? How will you set out clear and achievable goals? How will you maintain high standards in a caring environment? Most importantly, what will you do to inspire your students as much as possible? Alison’s free modules on motivation have the answers.

If you want more courses like this that focus on managing stress, coping with anxiety and improving public speaking, please click on our personal development hub.

PE and Sport Coaching Courses

Psychical education (PE), physical training (PT) or sports… no matter what it is called, some pupils dread it. But being active is a crucial component in overall health and is important for the development of fine and gross motor skills. Coaching is a tricky balance of discipline, inspiration and knowing when to push harder and pull back. As always, Alison’s free courses can help you take your PE classes to the next level.

For more free courses on physical health and fitness, please check out our health hub

Homeschool Teaching

While many parents have found themselves homeschooling their children during the pandemic, some families choose this as a permanent option, taking their children completely out of the education system. Homeschooling parents or carers often need to juggle many different roles so being able to manage your time and stress levels is important. Our courses aim to help you get the best out of your students, foster good habits and deal with the stresses and strains of being an all-rounder.

Check out our Homeschool Hub for hundreds of fully-taught courses for high school-age children.

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