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Free Online Project Management Courses

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In a way, we all do ‘project management’ already. Running a household, keeping a family in good health and staying on top of all life’s day-to-day tasks are continuous ‘projects’ that we all have to ‘manage’. But working as a qualified project manager takes things to a whole new level, and experienced ‘PMs’ are in serious demand by both big and small companies across the world.

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Top Free Online Project Management Courses

Free PMI Courses

You can’t build a house without foundations and you can’t be a successful project manager without understanding the basics of what modern project management entails. The Project Management Institute (PMI) is a global leader with more than 300 international chapters of members. To prepare for your CAPM exam (certified associate in project management), you will learn different types or methodologies of project management, which style suits what type of company or organization, and how to look after all your resources, including staff, your budget, technology or infrastructure and intellectual property (IP).

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You will understand the phases or lifecycle of a project, from conceptualization and planning to implementation and evaluation. Study how to allocate limited resources to the greatest effect, what you need to monitor on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, and how to project costs so that your financial plan remains on track. Once you have mastered the basics of project management, you can use your new skills in virtually every industry and ramp up your career.

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Free Agile Project Management Courses

Agile project management was first developed by software developers working in IT but now ‘Agile techniques’ are spreading to other industries. Essentially, it is an iterative (or repeating) approach where you adjust your plan as you progress rather than follow a more linear or pre-planned path. As a methodology, it commonly uses ‘sprints’ or short bursts of activity to focus on continuous improvement and evolution. Each sprint generally has a set of tasks or goals that the team wishes to achieve. Agile project management is not applicable to every field: it makes sense if you are trying to improve a website but not if you are building a hospital.

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Our free Agile courses will show you best practices and when to implement its techniques. You will also learn how to write effective user stories and do user estimation, how to deal with backlogs and how to manage risk in your project. Agile techniques are becoming more evident in the financial and professional service industries where constant improvement is required to meet consumers’ expectations.

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Free Scrum Courses

Growing out of Agile project management methods, ‘Scrum’ is a specialized technique dedicated to clearing obstacles in the way of a successful outcome. Generally, a small team is led by a ‘scrum master’ who convenes them daily to discuss and solve any problems or issues that have cropped up. The team then focuses on removing these roadblocks as quickly as possible. The term comes from rugby, where a scrum is a group of people who bind together to get possession of the ball and pass it onto the rest of the players so that they can score.

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Our free course on Scrum for project management will take you through everything you need to know, step by step. You will be immersed in Scrum’s key features, functions and main artifacts, which are the product backlog, sprint backlog and product increment. Once you’ve mastered the theoretical side, you will be equipped to lead the team to their goals. Scrum is especially used among website developers who have to work quickly in an often rapidly changing environment and who need to have an optimal workflow. If you become a scrum master, it will fall to you to enforce the values and best practices of your team.

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Featured Project Management Course Publishers

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University of Wisconsin-Madison

The University of Wisconsin-Madison in the United States has produced 20 Nobel Prize winners since it was founded in 1848. We teamed up with the university to create a free Diploma in Project Management in Practice so that they could share their expertise and knowledge with learners across the world, not only their students on campus.

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In this course, you look at practical project management as it applies to the ‘real world’. The material covers basic concepts like how to select and initiate a project. You will then go on to look at procurement of resources, leadership, planning, drawing up a schedule, mitigating risks and managing costs to your budget. Other important elements that are included are how to allocate your resources after you’ve procured them, how to monitor progress to ensure you are on track to achieve your project milestones, and the various controls needed to successfully manage complex and highly technical projects.

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Marina Arshavskiy

Marina Arshavskiy not only holds a Bachelor’s degree in Modern Linguistics, she also has a Master’s degree in Instructional Design (the efficient creation of learning materials). Plus, she runs her own business teaching others how to create effective online courses and teaching materials. With so many balls in the air and so many projects to manage, it’s no wonder Marina Arshavskiy is an expert on project management herself.

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Marina has combined all her knowledge, experience and qualifications to create a specialist free course on Agile project management. This methodology takes an iterative rather than linear or straight approach to project management and is best suited to IT and financial services where the focus is on constant improvement of an evolving product or service. ‘Agile’, as it’s known, comprises user stories, estimation and a series of ‘sprints’ to achieve the desired outcome.

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Saylor Academy

Since 2008 the Saylor Academy has endeavoured to offer free and open courses to learners across the globe. Since this has also been Alison’s mission from our founding in 2007, it made sense for us to join forces to reach as many people wanting free education as possible. The Saylor Academy is based in Washington DC in the United States but, like Alison, has learners in nearly every country in the world.

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Saylor Academy’s free project management course provides an introduction to the fundamentals of this complex and exciting field – perfect if you want to see if project management is for you before dedicating a lot of time to studying it. Once you know for sure that this is the right direction for you to take, dive into their other more in-depth courses that take on specific parts of project management, like how to work with both your own team and your client’s team; how to get the project actually started especially around the proposed schedule and budget; and how to finish a project to everyone’s satisfaction, having successfully managed the risks and dealt with procurement.

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Free Online Project Management Courses