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SimonSezIT has been providing quality online education for over ten years and has taught hundreds of thousands of students through their online course platform and their popular YouTube channel. Their commitment to hiring the very best course authors, and their attention to course production, makes SimonSezIT one of the most engaging educators in the online skills industry.

SimonSezIT's success is rooted in founder Simon Calder's own story of upskilling and training. While working as an IT Project Manager, Simon found the existing learning material difficult and clunky. He committed himself to building an exciting online learning platform that would engage students as they learned, and that would provide them with the IT skills they needed to improve their performance at work and raise their employability.

Since their founding, SimonSezIT has been at the forefront of online training and continues to make learning business and technical software a simple and enjoyable experience. They are experts in providing courses in the world's most popular software including Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop Elements and QuickBooks. To learn the full story of SimonSezIT's inspiring origin and development, read Operations Director Adam Lacey's interview with the Alison Blog.

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