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More Information about Sanja Stojanovic

Sanja Stojanovic is a positive psychologist and life coach who specialises in coping, resilience, stress and anxiety reduction, self-clarity, and personal development. In her courses, she provides science-backed tools and techniques to assist people in coping with issues and living good, quality lives.

Some of Sanja's specialisations are happiness, well-being, anxiety, stress reduction, productivity, personal development, emotional intelligence, and regulation. She is an author of various online psychology courses and produces self-help and personal development e-books.

Self Clarity Academy is an educational concept founded by a psychologist, Sanja Stojanovic, with the main goal of providing you with all of the necessary knowledge, psychology science-based tools, and techniques to help you cope with issues, become the best version of yourself, and live a quality and fulfilled life. She believes in transforming lives instead of merely educating them.