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More Information about AngloLink

Anglo-Link is a community website offering free English language lessons to non-native speakers of English, as well as a Forum for exchange of ideas and questions. Standard members have access to the site’s free content which includes written explanations(Anglo-Pedia)and video lessons.

We cover all areas of the English language including grammar, vocabulary and expressions, pronunciation, conversation and listening skills.

Other Services & Products: - By paying a fee, standard members can upgrade their membership to gain access to online exercises including the soundtrack of all the questions and answers. Thiswill allow them to practise and assimilate all the material that we teach on our website, and at the same time, improve their listening, pronunciation and fluency. - We also provide online one-to-one lessons for those who want conversation practice or want to prepare for a specific situation such as an oral exam, a job interview, a presentation etc.