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    Rumishael U.
    Rumishael U.

    Going through this unit reminds me of all that my English teacher use to teach in class

    Loc D.
    Loc D.

    A feature story includes lead, bridge, body, and ending. - In the lead, it should be simple and short, contains the most important idea which attracts readers, listeners to pursuit to the end. The journalist weighs a list of ideas and picks up the one he/she thinks the best. - The bridge connects the lead and the body. - The body contains the whole story. It puts ideas chronologically or in order of importance. - The ending. It summarizes, leaves open end to audience, stay tuned when it may come up with more news, combination.

    Faith G.
    Faith G.

    thanks for puting this togather for us,am really enjoying my studies here

    Maxwell O.
    Maxwell O.

    its really good learning in this form


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