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Módulo 2: Trabalhando com clientes com diferentes tipos de demência
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    Novelyn G.
    Novelyn G.

    We should be becareful to our response and have a soft heart to understand the different behavior of patient

    Maria Ermeliz H.
    Maria Ermeliz H.

    Maria E Hilario Laurie was wrong about insisting on changing the clothes. She cannot assume that Margaret is uncomfortable. She should have asked Margaret first, because this deals with patient's wish for privacy. I will get a pen and paper and apologize by writing "I'm Sorry" then just stay in the room and be quiet. Then, asked her permission to help her when she's ready to put on her clothes.

    Emma B.
    Emma B.

    Worth checking SPECAL method guidelines - it says that questions should be avoided as they often trigger an anxious cycle in deteriorating clients. One can still elicit consent and preferences without the potentially toxic use of a direct question. Contented Dementia by Oliver James well worth a read.


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