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    Harpreet S.
    Harpreet S.

    I can think of People that Que to get tickets to go to a football match. Now they can go online at the selected time to purchase tickets and do not have to Que. Also I can think of a fast foot restaurant. People do not have to Que and can order online and just pick up the products ordered to save time and queuing and the company can still supply to the demands and make sales/profit.

    Elizabeth H.
    Elizabeth H.

    When I think of line processes I think of hotdog stands at fairs. They are only there for a short time and need to optimise their production massively. I can also aliken the self check out machines in supermarkets now in which customers scan their own products and employees are there on stand by to help but rather than 2 or 3 employees working, there is just one.


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