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    Ziegfred M.
    Ziegfred M.

    From the slide notes indicated in the summary, the construction of the statement might have been erroneously typed. This is actually after revising/rereading after taking the second assessment for the Modules 6-10. If it is basing from the antecedent rule, of subject-verb agreement, in the 4th paragraph. The stress or paused, implied by the comma, to indicate and expound on the topic/subject being the Cervix, is quiet misplaced and wrongly used, to be given such explanation. It's rewording after the first sentence with clauses, in itself is wordiness, and implying misuse. Cervix, being part of the Female reproductive organ after , is actually a door-way to a or canal in itself, to the endometrial uterine wall.

    Taurai Samuel M.
    Taurai Samuel M.

    parturation is interesting,explain further


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