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    Phil R.
    Phil R.

    the reason the sentences "an dtabharfá toitín dom" and "tabhair deargadh dom" aren't as similar as you would expect from the English translation is that the first sentence literally means "would you give me a cigarette? " and the second "give me a light", which is imperative but you could say it in a questioning tone - or you could say "an dtabharfá deargadh dom?" I didnt listen to hear the way it is said in the recording . It would be polite to add "le do thoil" or "mas é do thoil é" (please) at the end of these requests. Deargadh is related to the word "dearg" for red. pronunciation database: http://www.teanglann.ie/en/fuaim/ This course uses Munster Irish. Dialects are confusing when you are starting to learn a languge; they are not a great problem for more experienced learners and speaksers of Irish. You probably noticed the mispelling of cheannach as chennach in one sentence.

    Siri S.
    Siri S.

    How do I ask someone where a certain place is in taxi?

    James C.
    James C.

    A few mistakes in there


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