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Marketing uma Inicialização

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    Rhodson P.
    Rhodson P.

    Do your research no the market you getting into and buld a customer base and treat your customers well for free advertising and partner with business and persons that can move your business forward

    Katherine C.
    Katherine C.

    My Takeaways: Before you can market a product to early adopter customers, you need a marketing strategy (what customer segments are we targetting, what's their pain point, what problems are we solving for them, what alternative solutions are competitors offering our target market, where does the product fit on the customer's priority list). Early adpter customers are the greatest marketing tool in PROVING one's message (referenceable customers). Give generous discounts to get great reference customers. Use SEO for marketing (free marketing), partners (mutual benefit using partners - people & money can be mutually leveraged and benefitted from).


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